Guwahatians Optimistic About Effective Implementation of New City Bus Rules

Friday, 15 January 2021


Guwahatians Optimistic About Effective Implementation of New City Bus Rules

Chayanika Das | February 22, 2020 15:19 hrs

Do you think the WhatsApp number for registering complaints against city buses will help in easing commuters' issues?

Yes: 64% 

No: 36%

Total: 2.1k votes

In order to mitigate traffic congestion, the transport department had issued several guidelines for plying of city buses in Guwahati. 

WhatsApp numbers have been provided for commuters to file complaints about rule violations. Commuters can register their complaints against city bus drivers, handymen as well as ticket collectors on WhatsApp. These numbers are displayed on all the city buses that are currently plying on Guwahati’s roads.

G Plus conducted a poll asking netizens to cast their votes on whether they think the WhatsApp numbers for registering complaints against city buses will help in easing commuters' issues. A total of 2,100 participants took part. Out of this, 64% said “yes” while 36% said “no, it was not going to help in easing commuters’ issues.” A majority of the voters said that it is an “excellent initiative” while the rest think it to be “useless.” 

Few said that just filing complaints will not work if authorities do not take any action. “If action is taken by authorities against the offenders then it will work. Only giving complaints doesn't work,” said James Anthony, a Guwahati resident. “The complaint department (need to) take necessary action in response to the complaints,” said Pratik Dey.

Another user said that such implementations tend to fade away after a while. “Initiatives and policies are always formulated with good motive, but it starts to fade away after few days of its initiation. Good moves to manage the excessive traffic jam of Guwahati and a temporary relief to the commuters. Continuous surveillance by the transport department will be required in translating the intention of the move to an accepted norm,” said Manoj Das, another resident.

A few of the users said that Guwahati traffic department had taken such initiatives earlier but the authorities do not respond. “The department doesn't respond. Guwahati traffic had started the same but they don't respond,” said Aditya Todi.

Reports suggest that the rear door would be used as the entry while the front door will be used as the exit for the passengers. 

Further, instructions have been issued to keep both the doors of the bus shut while it is moving. The doors will open only when the buses halt at stoppages.
Additionally, the department is also planning to change the previously set routes of the buses.

Meanwhile, the Kamrup (M) administration realized Rs 5.71 lakhs in fines and seized 85 city buses. According to officials, 12 enforcement teams have been deployed in Guwahati to check the city buses and ease the problems faced by commuters. Five city buses were seized on February 20.

Earlier, in a press meet held at the premises of the Regional Transport Authority, Kamrup (M) DTO, Bapan Kalita said that the drive against city buses plying on the streets of Guwahati will be conducted in a rigorous manner.

"We have given the bus operators two days’ time to display route numbers, permit numbers and also the Whatsapp number is to be displayed on the bus in the dimension as instructed by the government," he added.

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