Heavy downpour on Friday affects normal life in Jorabat

Thursday, 21 January 2021


Heavy downpour on Friday affects normal life in Jorabat

PRAMESHWAR PURI | August 04, 2018 10:58 hrs

JORABAT: The flash floods that hit Jorabat on 3rd August, afternoon turned roads into rivers and left National Highway-37 under water.

After a heavy rainfall, streets were laden with mud, homes been flooded and roads were turned into rivers with motorists struggling to cross the inundated areas on the highway.

A family including two female members got stranded in the middle of waist deep inundated area in Jorabat when their Bolero stopped while crossing it. While the two-wheelers were the most affected one, few Ambulances struggled hard to reach their destinations.

9th mile,10th mile, Jorabat tri-junction and the area in front of Northeast Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Jorabat, remains among the locations worst hit by the flash-floods after every downpour, while the busiest NH-37 in this area turns into rivers, leading to heavy traffic snarls. The business establishments here along with the passerby are worst affected every time the area is hit by the flash floods.

“Though the authorities including the DC have visited the area practically no work had been done to put an end to the misery of Jorabat,” a local resident said.

“When will the authorities take the issue seriously? Are the business established that have encroached the government land more important than to solve the flash flood issue? If not, then why the authorities are not taking action on them?” reiterated in pain, Jatindra Nath Deka, President of Dimoria unit of AASU.

Months ago, the Sonapur circle officer came forward to carry out eviction to clear the encroachment in an around Jorabat. A joint survey was also done but later, as we have seen, no action was taken. Unlike the city, Jorabat area does not need a master plan to solve the issue, just a strong step to clear all the encroachment over the drainage system is needed, followed by the scientific construction of drain which should not be altered by the money power of big businessman, he added.

Local residents have also expressed the need to raise the height of the culvert near the tri-junction in Jorabat as drain water overflows due to the low height of the culvert here.

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