High-mast National Flag gives Guwahati a sense of Pride and Nationalism
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High-mast National Flag gives Guwahati a sense of Pride and Nationalism

Chetan Bhattarai | September 29, 2018 13:50 hrs

Last week, a trial run of the hoisting of the high-mast National Flag in Guwahati was organised and we could all see the flag actually flying high in the sky. People in Guwahati started talking about it and keeping the sentiment in view, G Plus did a poll, to draw the attention of its readers on whether it was a right investment.

The Assam Government has spent Rs. 2.58 crore to set up the high-mast National Flag in Guwahati as part of the Smart City project at Gandhi Mandap on the Sarania Hilltop. The project was under Guwahati Smart City Ltd, in association with Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority, PMG, Tata Engineering Service and Bajaj Electricals.

G Plus got a fairly good number of 2800 voters responding to the poll. The readers and respondents were themselves embroiled in discussions and debates on whether it was a good initiative. A majority of 56% respondents gave a thumbs-up to the decision and 44% respondents were of the view that it was not a good move. The poll was important to understand the mood of the city and it presented insights to what Guwahatians thought about issues close to their hearts.

The 56% respondents in support of the government’s initiative said that it was a matter of pride for the city and the state. To have the national flag flying in such a strategic location, which could be viewed from most parts of the city was indeed a moment of joy and happiness, said the respondents. It will grab the attention of those in the city and also others visiting it, and would be a new landmark as well, felt many respondents. The flag also gave a ‘feel good factor’ to many respondents who believed that despite our day to day struggles the flag in the sky was soothing to the mind, as it evoked nationalism. Moreover, the flag also added beauty to the Sarania Hills which is at the centre of the city felt some respondents.

Those respondents who were not in favour (44%), of the flag pointed out that Smart City Mission should have first invested in infrastructure like drinking water, better drainage, roads, buildings, toilets, streetlights and education of kids from the lower segment of the city. Patriotism should not be symbolism and should be complemented with basic needs of the society which at present seem to have been overlooked felt the respondents. The respondents said that the schemes and infrastructure development projects (13 at present), being carried out in the name of Smart City should give priority to important issues first. The total cost of completing 12 projects under the Smart City project is Rs. 2,303.50 crore as per state Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

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  • Sanjubhai

    I saw the flag was flying high at 9pm Last night

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