How well do you know the Assamese Dhol?

How well do you know the Assamese Dhol?

G Plus Feature | April 10, 2018 19:28 hrs

Dhol, a folk music instrument of Assam, is considered to be one of the most important assets of Bihu celebration. But not many people know the significance of the various parts of the dhol.

A dholiya (one who plays the dhol) always hold the maari (the stick) with his right hand and beats the other side with his left hand. The maari is also known as mahitya in various places.

The hand plays the Taali side and the Maari beats the Kuboni side.

The side of the dhol played by hands is made of cow’s leather. The other side is made of bull’s leather.

The common form of dhol are:

  • Bihu Dhol
  • Oja Dhol
  • Dhepa Dhol
  • Joy Dhol
  • Maadal
  • Bor Dhol
  • Kowi Dhol

Dhols painted with ‘Laa’, ‘Hengul’ and ‘Neel’ shade always give a better and distinct sound this factor is considered to be of great significance by all the dhol artists.


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