In Conversation With 'Dance India Dance' Dancer Vicky Biswas


In Conversation With 'Dance India Dance' Dancer Vicky Biswas

G Plus News | August 31, 2019 13:51 hrs

G Plus caught up with Vicky Biswas who has been selected for the national dance reality show, ‘Dance India Dance Battle of Champions.’ 

Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

When and how did you start dancing?

I was in class 6 when I started dancing. There was a small dance class in Narengi and that’s where it all began. I used to dance as a hobby when I was younger and also watch dance TV shows such as Dance India Dance and that’s how I was inspired to take up dancing seriously. That’s how my journey began and it is still ongoing now. 

Tell us about your journey from Guwahati to Mumbai. 

It was very tough because firstly, if you belong to a small place such as Guwahati, most of the time your family does not support you. I had to face a lot of problems too, as at first, my family was not supportive of me leaving to go and pursue dance as a career. However, when my parents saw my passion and vision, they became changed their stance. In fact, my father took me to Mumbai himself and got me admitted to the Kings XI dance school. He told me that since I have taken this step, I will have to prove myself. So in a year, I was able to prove myself to a certain extent. I was participating in shows such as Dance+ and now I am a contestant in Dance India Dance. Everyone in my family is extremely happy and proud of me. 

How did you land up in Dance India Dance? 

Dance India Dance had started in March-April of this year. We auditioned for the show, were selected and had to perform in two culling rounds. The coach for our team, West Ke Singhams’s Paul Marshall, loved our performance and we were directly selected for the Grand Premiere. After we did our first performance on the song, “Khalibhali,” everyone took notice of us and said that the Kings are here to stay and they are here to destroy. 

What do you have to say about the judges of the show? 

We have three judges in the show: Raftaar Sir, Kareena Kapoor Khan Ma’am and Bosco-Martis Sir. I don’t have words to describe Raftaar Sir. He is awesome. As soon as he comes out to the set, he creates such an energetic vibe, he is amazing. Kareena Ma’am is so adorable, so sweet, her comments are very good and we can’t stop looking at her as she talks to us so nicely. And Bosco Sir has always been an inspiration for us since we were children. He’s choreographed in more than 400 movies and we all look up to him. 

Tell us something about your dance group, Kings Squad.

Kings Squad was formed in Vasai, Mumbai. We are the junior batch of the popular dance crew, Kings United who are world dance champions. Recently, they won the biggest dance reality show in the world, “World of Dance” which was held in the United States. After winning that show, our seniors have a made a place and an identity for themselves in dance throughout the world and we are their juniors and feel very blessed to have this opportunity. 

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