Is T20 match a further addition to the burdened ACA?


Is T20 match a further addition to the burdened ACA?

Avishek Sengupta | September 16, 2017 18:25 hrs

According to a source in the ACA, the association has taken loans to the tune of Rs 14 crores from Assam-Cooperative Apex Bank to refurbish the Barsapara stadium prior to the international match.

According to Pradip Buragohain, general secretary of ACA, two major works are being done in the stadium which are constructing a separate practise field and a separate parking space inside the stadium.


“Also, we are installing flood lights of 852 lux on both the practice fields. There are a few final touch-up works and beautification works left which will be completed within this month. Since no funds have been released by BCCI yet, we have taken loans from banks with a promise to repay after the match,” Buragohain said.


The first instalment of Rs 3 crores was taken in August and then, two other instalments of Rs 6 crores and Rs 5 crores were taken in September to complete the works. “The ACA did not receive the money for the last loan yet, but it was cleared already,” the source said.


Another source in the Assam sports department said that the association will receive a breather of Rs 15 crores from the department, but up to what extent it will be helpful is still in doubt.


“The association is not being able to hold inter district matches. In a governing body meeting this year, the ACA asked the district associations to vouch in with funds which would be reimbursed later, but none could come in. Matches were supposed to start from this month, but due to fund crunch those matches could not be held,” Sajjad Zaheer Hussan, former Ranji player and a member of the Association of Cricketers for Assam, said.


“International matches are especially helpful if the state holds domestic matches around the same time before and after such internationals so that the players remain excited about it. With no follow up actions, merely holding an international match will not suffice,” Hussain added.

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