Jawahar Nagar substation shutdown worsens power situation in Guwahati

Friday, 18 October 2019


Jawahar Nagar substation shutdown worsens power situation in Guwahati

Antarixa Bhardwaj | June 15, 2019 15:27 hrs

GUWAHATI: The shutting down, albeit temporarily, of the Jawahar Nagar gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) substation in Khanapara has resulted in long hours of load shedding in several parts of the city. 

With Sonapur being the most affected area, people living in Basistha and Garbhanga have also taken a hit because of the shutdown.

Various other areas, including Hatigaon, Kharghuli and Zoo Road have also been witnessing four to five hours of load shedding every day.  
The seven-day long shutdown of the Jawahar Nagar GIS that began on June 10 is expected to further aggravate the condition of the city dwellers with the peak temperature of city rising as high as 39°C.

Frustrated with the frequent power cuts, a resident of Hatigaon told G Plus, “Everyday we face 4 to 5 hours of load shedding. Most of the time, there is no electricity in the early morning hours and this leads to delay in our work. It’s just the beginning of summer and we already feel like its 40°C outside. How are we going to stay inside our homes if there is no electricity?”  
Another citizen, a resident of Kharguli, said, “It is actually pathetic. This is 2019 and our city still does not have uninterrupted power supply. You reach home after a hard day’s work with the temperature soaring to 37o only to find your house in darkness. How frustrating can things get? Who do we hold accountable? And the situation is being repeated everyday these days.”

According to Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), which is responsible for distribution, trading and supply of electricity in the state, the Jawahar Nagar GIS has been shut down for some emergency maintenance work.

Sources at APDCL told G Plus, “Once the maintenance work is over, power supply will come back to normal. This is a planned shutdown and our team is working on it to complete the work by June 17. There is availability of power, but we are unable to distribute it because of the shutdown.”

In the peak hours, Guwahati currently requires approximately 1,600 megawatt of electricity. 

However, APDCL buys electricity from the central government if the demand is higher than the regular demand.
The source at APDCL further added, “As our own production is not much, we buy electricity from the central government entities. And if there is no transmission constraint or no maintenance shutdown, we fulfil our entire demand for electricity from the central government sector.”

The Jawahar Nagar GIS is the first GIS substation in the entire northeast region. 

Built at a cost of Rs 49.56 crores, the substation has 220/33 kilo volt capacity. Inaugurated in 2014, the substation has been catering to several localities in the city including Dispur, Beltola, Basistha, Narengi, Khanapara and Panjabari, among others.

A GIS substation has a number of advantages over conventional substations and the air-insulated substations. It requires less space than air-insulated substations and virtually negligible maintenance.
The cost-effective substation is also safer in operation and has a longer life cycle.

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