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Much Delayed Probe Regarding Coronavirus: WHO to Visit China

Prakreetish Sarma | January 15, 2021 11:32 hrs

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, the entire world has been cursing China - the place of its origin. People have contemplated that origin of this deadly disease can actually be traced in some laboratories in China rather than any wet animal or a pangolin.  

A team from World Health Organization (WHO) is all set to visit China to initiate a probe into the origin of the virus. WHO has already attracted sharp criticism worldwide for taking a toothless tiger kind of a stand regarding the entire issue and their mostly fruitless previous expeditions in China and their futile seminars and video conferences with Beijing.

The experts from the WHO have planned to carry out field visits and shall also visit Wuhan (place of origin of the virus) to carry out the investigation. Previously, Donald Trump had openly passed slanderous comments against the organization for the way they have concealed this sinister conspiracy by China or the effusive praise that WHO had showered on China with regard to its response to the pandemic, he even went on to call it the ‘Chinese virus’. 

As per a report released by the New York Times, strong voices of criticism have come from various corners such as the deputy prime minister of Japan Taro Aso and also from one of the worst neighbors of China (Taiwan) who have been very vocal regarding the WHO’s role to safeguard the Chinese image. Despite all allegation hurled at them, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of WHO has gone on to heap praise upon the dragon by acknowledging the fact that they were quick to respond to the spread of virus and had also appreciated China for sharing the genetic code of the virus.

Critics such as Prof. Devi Sridhar of global public health department of University of Edinburg has gone on to negate the Director general’s opinion that China had not done any favor while disclosing about the virus rather she has pointed out about the diplomacy played down by the organization and its stakeholders. She had further gone on to criticize the organization for not creating enough pressure upon China during the early stages of the outbreak of the virus.

As Tulip Mazumdar opines, WHO had projected similar lackadaisical attitude in the past while dealing with the Ebola outbreak, by erroneously delaying in declaring it as an international emergency by five months of the outbreak. UN agency had made similar error in the past while dealing with the issue of Swine Flu by unnecessarily declaring it as a global pandemic.

Even Michael Ryan, the Executive Director of WHO has given a very lucid narrative, he has said in order to trace/decode such virus, one has to start investigation from the place of its origin (which is Wuhan, China). The problem is that many have alleged WHO to be a puppet of China. And apparently Dr Tedos Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO, is the modern day ‘Robert Clive’ (Highly corrupted Governor of British India). Rumors of bribery have been hovering since the past 1 year or so. 

As of now two members of the said expert team have already arrived in China and as per report have commenced their work. But again there are reports that China has casted shadows of obstruction (something it is known for) as some of the officials have not been able to come to Bejing. However, Dr Tedros has stated that they are eager to commence the investigation soon. Hopefully it turns out to be a proper investigation devoid of any biasness.

But the biggest question is will the world stand at solidarity against the dragons if the allegations proved against them turn out to be true. The problem is that Trump was very vocal about this issue and it was probably one of his election agenda’s or whatever but now even he is on the verged of being impeached and the newly elected President Biden does not seem to air his opinion, hopefully rest of the Countries of the world take cognizance of the matter and create a pressure before the United Nations to remove their permanent membership and also impose other sanctions. Ignorance is not always bliss; it could be an invitation for another storm.

(The author is currently practicing as an Advocate in Gauhati High Court. The views expressed in the article are his own.)

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