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Monday, 01 June 2020


Net-savvy Assam Police backs tweets with swift on-ground action

Nehal Jain | July 06, 2019 13:42 hrs

GUWAHATI: Assam Police has been steadily winning the hearts of netizens with its witty wordplay. The official social media account of Assam Police has been promoting creative messages that have gained massive popularity across the nation. 

However, a section of people have also questioned the effectiveness of the approach.

“Assam police has been successful in raising a ‘brand image’ for itself but has the outcome in terms of curbing of crimes increased? What’s the on-ground impact?” questioned a citizen of Guwahati. 

When asked about the same, Salik Khan, the creative consultant of Assam Police's social media pages told G Plus, “Social media pages are just a medium to reach out to the people. The end goal is to build their trust. From the engagement we’ve been receiving and the inputs that keep flowing in through these mediums, we’re certainly inching towards that goal.”

The social media cell doesn't confine itself to just being witty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It also fights crimes in real-time, he added.

One fine example of the same was reported on April 12 last when the Assam Police tracked down a car within minutes. A car was stolen from near Baihata, 30 kms from Guwahati. The owner of the vehicle tweeted about the theft asking Assam Police for help. The social media team took action upon the tweet immediately and tracked down the car within 57 minutes.

In another instance, Assam Police rescued a minor who had posted her intention to commit suicide on Facebook. Police was alerted by Facebook and they saved the girl within 30 minutes after being apprised of the incident. The alertness of Assam Police was also acknowledged by Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Global Safety Head, in a recent interview. 

Assam Police today has over 17,000 followers on Twitter, 77,000+ on Facebook and 4,000+ on Instagram. Plans to register its presence on social media site Reddit and hosting “Ask me Anything” sessions are also in the pipeline.

It is a small team of three headed by Harmeet Singh, Additional Director General of Police (Administration, Security, Modernisation and Logistics, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption) that is behind the witty, compelling and memorable social media posts of Assam Police that has garnered worldwide attention.

“Working with Hardi (Harmeet Singh’s nickname) Sir is like working with an editor who is also a top police officer. He adds to the creativity of our posts. If I send him some ideas, he makes suggestions in terms of change in text, font or colour," expressed Salik Khan.

Additionally, all districts of Assam have their own social media handles and work as part of the cyberdome. These pages are headed by the respective Deputy Commissioners of Police (Crime).

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