Netizens Explain Why Conducting University Exams Now in Assam Would Be a Bad Idea

Sunday, 27 September 2020


Netizens Explain Why Conducting University Exams Now in Assam Would Be a Bad Idea

Rifa Deka | July 18, 2020 14:53 hrs

University Grants Commission (UGC)’s new set of guidelines for higher educational institutions sparked debates as to how such an ‘insensitive’ decision could be taken at a time like this given the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Students’ unions such as NSUI and others across the country have alleged that UGC had not held any consultations before taking such a decision. 

The HRD Secretary, Amit Khare, was recently found saying that UGC can take action against states if they cancel Final Year University Examinations. The issue had soon taken a political turn with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling for exams to be cancelled and several non-BJP states having already announced the cancellation of final year university exams. 

Some states such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha, and West Bengal had also written to the Centre citing reasons as to why they would want to cancel the examination and Delhi joined these states expressing concerns over the possibility of spreading COVID-19 further due to the same.

UGC has now allowed universities, colleges, and all institutions of higher education to conduct exams in online, offline, or blended mode (a combination of both). With most universities now opting to conduct online examinations, another challenge presents itself in front of students – the problem of internet connectivity. 

Given the present scenario of COVID-19 and connectivity issues caused by floods, among other crises, to understand what students thought about the feasibility of appearing for online university exams, G Plus asked young netizens to pour their hearts out on this update posted on its various social media handles, in the comments section.

“Why is it so necessary at this moment of crisis? It can be postponed. Do not do it until everything gets normalized to some extent,” commented Hemanta Upadhyay, a Facebook user who also happens to be a Senior Academic Counsellor at Byju’s.

“During form filling itself, websites of GU start crashing. How are they going to manage exams? And they should check internet availability in all districts and villages of Assam and then think how much injustice they are doing with us students,” said Radhika, a student of Gauhati University who goes by the name rm_radhika on Instagram. 

“No, I don't think that exams can be conducted under the prevailing situation. Neither we have the required infrastructure nor the environment for the same,” commented a Twitterati on G Plus’ post on Twitter that asked the same question.

“Hypocrisy is at the ultimate stage. This is an unjustified and irrational decision from UGC itself. Risking students’ lives they ultimately proved they don't care for students, it's all about getting examination fees and continue the money flow,” opined Arijit Sinha, Assistant Professor of Accountancy at West Guwahati Commerce College (WGCC) and KC Das Commerce College, Chatribari, Guwahati.

A student and Instagrammer hashtag_das_203 alias Priyanka commented on G Plus’ Instagram post saying, “We are suffering from floods, lockdown, electricity problem, and many more in Assam. Day by day COVID-19 patients’ number is increasing. We are not mentally ready for an exam.” 

Another student Rasna Lama said, “Looking at the current situation of our state, exams must be conducted. It is important, but while conducting the exam the current situation might get worse than it is now.” 

“As a student, I would like to suggest that as some of the students are from other states, for them it's difficult to attend the exams. So offline exams or an assignment should be given to us. I request our education minister to please take a quick decision on this matter,” Lama appealed to the education ministry.

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