Nirmala ‘Not Able To Answer’ Questions On Current State Of Indian Economy

Nirmala ‘Not Able To Answer’ Questions On Current State Of Indian Economy

G Plus News | August 31, 2019 13:24 hrs

GUWAHATI: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who was in the city on Thursday, addressed the media for a very miniscule duration.  

In the short conversation with media persons, Sitharaman gave a detailed account of government measures to boost the economy.

However, when asked if the Indian economy was passing through a slowdown, she replied, “I may not able to answer it at this moment.” The answer comes across as very strange. Being the finance minister of the country, she was not able to state if the economy is slipping into recession.

It was evident from her answers on the state of Indian economy that Sitharaman was evasive to almost every question using her oratorical skills. However, it was clear that the substance was missing.

For instance, on the question: if there is no slowdown presently than what are the bright spots of Indian economy, her answer was hardly close to satisfactory. Sitharaman detailed on the pains of the automobile industry and government incentive. There was no mention of any “bright spot” even once.

So, are we to understand that our finance minister is feigning ignorance about the present condition of the Indian economy or is she disseminating half-baked information to the public?

In her short address to the media, she didn’t even, for a single instance, mention about unemployment. This essentially can be interpreted that there is no unemployment crisis in the country and the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) data is false.

Our finance minister is still under the illusion that India is the fastest growing economy in the world. She said this clearly in the press conference. However, the reality is different with all key indicators of the economy like GDP, industrial growth, index of industrial production (IIP) showing downward trends. Even a BBC report says that India is not the fastest growing economy anymore but our finance minister refuses to accept this fact and appears to be confused in her responses.

The fact of the matter is that if the disease is not diagnosed properly then remedial action could be faulty. A similar situation appears to prevail in the government over the state of Indian economy. 

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