Police Steps Up Vigil in Guwahati Following Terror Strike Aversion

Thursday, 26 November 2020


Police Steps Up Vigil in Guwahati Following Terror Strike Aversion

Nehal Jain | November 30, 2019 13:17 hrs

> ISIS-inspired terror module busted in Assam on Sunday, November 24

> Guwahati police stepped up vigil following the incident

> Checking intensified on the Guwahati-Goalpara highway

> 12 teams of black commandoes formed and posted in various areas of the city

> Police keeping an eye on the activities of Muslim fundamentalist organizations active in the state

> Sensitive, vulnerable areas identified in Guwahati

> Increased vigil has led to decrease in the number of petty crimes

The police have stepped up vigil in Guwahati following the arrest of three men carrying improvised explosive devices in Goalpara district of Assam.

The Delhi Police Special Cell and Assam Police, in a joint operation on Monday, busted an ISIS-inspired terror module and apprehended three operatives planning an attack in the state. Explosives and raw materials used to manufacture bombs were recovered from them.

Three men - Ranjeet Islam, Mukadir Islam and Luit Zameel Zaman - were arrested from Goalpara in Assam while on their way to plant an IED at Raas Mela, a local fair, in Dudhnoi village of the district. Police believe the three, all residents of Goalpara district, were inspired from the Bangladesh module of ISIS.

Police believe that the intensity of the attack would have been similar to the 2017 Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train bombing.

The news of a possible terror attack in Goalpara sent shockwaves across Assam.
Following the arrest of the 'jihadis', Guwahati police personnel were seen keeping a strict vigil at multiple check-points in the city.

"Our team is on high alert and although there's no immediate threat prevailing in the city, we're prepared to deal with all eventualities," Commissioner of Police Deepak Kumar informed.

He added that the Guwahati police are in constant touch with Goalpara police as well as Delhi police. The police are trying to find out whether the three arrested have any acquaintances in Guwahati, which is in close proximity to Goalpara.

Additionally, checking has been intensified in the Guwahati-Goalpara highway with police patrolling happening 24 hours a day. Police are keeping an eye on all vehicles and also interrogating suspects.

12 teams of black commandoes have also been formed and posted in various areas of the city for patrolling purpose. Each team has strength of four personnel who ride bikes and are equipped with high end gears. 

A highly placed source in Assam Police informed G Plus that the police are keeping an eye on the activities of Muslim fundamentalist organizations active in the state.

“Assam has remained one of the primary hotspots for terrorist activists due to its proximity and direct connectivity to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. The Muslim population in the state is very high which has often led to tensions prevailing between the Hindus and the Muslims. Sensitive issues like the National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) are also furthering such situations,” the Assam police source said. 

Keeping this in mind, police have identified certain vulnerable areas in Guwahati including Hatigaon, Noonmati and Machkhowa and stepped up vigilance in these areas. 

This has in turn led to a substantial decrease in the number of crimes being recorded in the city. 

Recently, G Plus reported that robbery and snatching had increased in Guwahati with multiple cases coming to light from across the city. However, such incidences too have gone down ever since police stepped up their game.

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