POLL | Does Guwahati Really Need A Metro Rail? If So, What Could Be The Possible Routes?

POLL | Does Guwahati Really Need A Metro Rail? If So, What Could Be The Possible Routes?

G Plus News | October 26, 2019 14:38 hrs

Guwahatians sent their enthusiastic replies and comments to this G Plus poll. The poll got 5146 reactions and 314 comments and the best ones are featured below.

Nilutpal: We do need! Possible routes: Khanapara-University-Airport, North Guwahati-University, University-Paltan Bazar-Chandmari-Narengi (doubtful route), Chandmari-Khanapara.

Siddharth Borooah: Narangi to Airport.

Rupsikha: Yes, it will save a lot of time plus will reduce traffic issues to some extent.

Madhurima: I think starting a metro is a very nice idea and it's very necessary especially for the areas like ISBT, airport and as city buses are not available at 7-8. It's a very nice idea.

Sourav Mallick: Guwahati needs to work on its parking and flash flood first. After that metro.

Roop: Guwahati can accommodate metro rail by reducing the bad city bus service but keeping the small magik/trekker service. It will really benefit to control the road traffic and passengers would be satisfied. Best route - Narengi to Airport, Khanapara to Jalukbari, Panbazar to GMC.

Arnab Chanda: North Guwahati, any part of GS Road, Beltola, Maligaon, Ulubari, Narengi.

Rehaan Mazid: In place of metro I think a monorail could prove to be a better choice as it occupies less space.

Gyandeep Singha: Yes definitely. Metro is indeed needed here in Guwahati. The possible routes can be from: 1 - LGBI Airport to Khanapara 2 - LGBI to Narangi.

Aditya Pran Changkakati: Should be connecting the outer link roads. Sarusajai, ISBT, DTO. These places need to be more connected to the city.

Prawaal: We need metros, 6/8 lane highways/expressway, in between Jalukbari to Bharalu one flyover, and every other things which could make Guwahati the most beautiful city.

Suraj K Tiwary: When metro work starts today it will be operational after 10 to 15 years. By then traffic load will increase much more than today. So futuristic point of view! Metro is much needed for a smart city.

Kaushik: Yes because population is increasing in a large no here I'm ghy day by day. The best possible route is from narengi to Jalukbari via all major city stoppage. 2nd possible route must touch the gs road stoppage

Anusmita: I don't think so. Guwahati already has much transportation.

Sanjay Chowdhury: Despite infrastructural development being important, I don’t think metro right now is a good option. So it’s a "BIG NO." Many people will lose jobs and that will lead to more chaos in lives of people. The expenditure which will be needed for such construction is huge given that the distance of travel is less in Guwahati and parts of it. Rather the government should propose cycling lanes and uplift usage of cycle or e-vehicles where people can commute in numbers.

Rimiksha Saikia: The places that take 2 hours to reach by city bus (we all know how fast they are) would be reached in not more than 20 minutes by metro. The buses consume so much time even though the distance is not that much. Furthermore, it will be a step towards reducing air pollution and increasing sustainability.

Khushal: By looking around the traffic these days, yes, Guwahati definitely needs metro rail or something of that sort. Because the density is increasing day by day and I wouldn't be wrong if I say that traffic has increased exponentially since the last year or so. About the routes, probably a line from Khanapara to Jalukbari via Six Mile, Dispur, Paltan Bazar, AT Road.

Another line from Lokhra converging to Dispur via Beltola. Another line would be from Hatigaon to Chandmari via Ganeshguri extending to Narengi. Also a line from Lal Ganesh converging to Paltan Bazar via Sarabhatti. 

Melo Biate: Chandmari to Airport and Noonmati to Chandmari. In this way, it covers the colleges, school and office areas.

Raj Chhetry: Yes, but plan it completely like Bangalore metro. If it takes much time to make that metro, then what's the use? Construction process should be as such that it doesn't waste anyone's time by creating more traffic on roads.

Subham Ray: Metro is really a great idea and if it is made it'll be connecting the main areas. But what about the city bus drivers who would lose their jobs and many more? 

Joydeep Nath: Yes! It’s time for upgrade. With the increase in populating vehicles and urbanization the city needs the demand for metro rail. Routes should be made in such a way that it can form a loop around the perimeter of the city.

Nath Satabdi: I think whole Assam should be connected with metro rail with proper planning. This will help connect all parts of Assam with its capital and that is going to be boom for all kinds of development in our state better connectivity opens up many opportunities.

Bedanta: Not at all. Places with degrading infrastructure, bad quality of roads, open foothpaths, etc. does not really require metro. Instead wasting money on metro we need to improve infrastructure, roads etc.

Jyotitarun M: Ghy is a very small city there is no point of metro. We need flash flood solutions, better roads and traffic management, parking spaces, open and green parks and drinking water supply to all parts of the city. Metro is just an eyewash and diversion tactics and will be sheer wastage of public money.

Sushant: Yes definitely we need one. As travelling in a bus is a hectic now a days and getting stuck in jam is another headache. Metro will make everything easier and faster with no delays and jams and hectic travelling. It will also help in reducing a lot of private vehicles on the road which would mean less traffic so less pollution. Yeah we need metro joining all the major points of the city including Airport, GS Road, Khanapara, Zoo Road, Narangi, ISBT, and all areas around them.

Albina Phonglo: YES! We need that and I hope after that people really start using the metro instead of using their personal vehicles. I understand it is more comfortable to go on one’s own personal vehicle but we need to think about sustainable generation and the traffic will gradually decrease if we start using public transport service wherever and whenever possible. I know it needs proper planning and it will take time.

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