Remembering Bhupen Da

Remembering Bhupen Da

Bijaylakshmi Baruah | September 07, 2019 15:59 hrs

Years have rolled by since Dr Bhupen Hazarika (fondly Bhupen da to all) passed away. His absence has created a big void in our cultural life, but his presence is always felt in our hearts.
This attractive personality with his ever smiling face was a perfect artist for the masses (gana silpi). His presence used to make a big difference to any occasion, such was Bhupen da. A true artist, his heart was soft and kind and throughout his life he tried to restore harmony among all spectrums of people of Assam by rendering his voice and work.

He was immensely loved by all tribes of people because for him, all were his brothers and sisters. He did not know how to differentiate; he only knew how to sing the songs of humanity, the song of the soil, the songs of love and yes, the songs of unity.

The most fascinating characteristic of Bhupen da’s personality was his humility, his down to earth character. I took a few interviews of him and talked to him regarding various issues, but I feel Bhupen da well expressed his personality, his feelings and his likings through ten random questions which I had asked him a decade ago. On the occasion of his birthday, I would like to share those ten random questions with the readers of G Plus.

Bijaylakshmi Baruah as (BB) in conversation with Bhupen Hazarika (BH).

BB: What is the secret of your success?

BH: I always look forward and never looked back sadly.

BB: What is your perception of happiness? 

BH: Laugh and enjoy life.

BB: What makes you sad?

BH: When people misunderstand me.

BB: What makes you cry?

BH: In the crisis of my motherland, I sang Buku Hum hum kore.

BB: What is your most valuable possession?

BH: (smiles) My heart.

BB: If you were not a singer, what profession would you choose? 

BH: Definitely a journalist. 

BB: Your suggestion to upcoming singers?

BH: Be serious in life. 

BB: Your memorable moments?

BH: When strangers come up to me in an alien place and express their love for me. Such moments are more memorable for me than awards. When I heard Japanese versions of my song in a street in Tokyo, I felt proud. Likewise, when a burkha-clad woman came to me at the airport and asked me if I was “Dil hum hum Bhupen Hazarika?” I felt happy, those are my memorable moments. 

BB: How you spend your leisure time?

BH: I don’t have leisure time. When I don’t work, I like to write or draw, sketch.

BB: How would you like to be remembered?

BH: (smiles) With pride, am I right?

Yes, you are right Bhupen da, you will be alive in our hearts with love and respect.

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