Residents Lodge Strong Complaint With GMC Over ‘Permanent Stink’ At Ulubari Volvo Point

Thursday, 24 September 2020


Residents Lodge Strong Complaint With GMC Over ‘Permanent Stink’ At Ulubari Volvo Point

Gunjan Sharma | July 27, 2019 15:18 hrs

GUWAHATI: Ulubari Volvo Point has been consistent in greeting all its passers-by with a pungent smell for almost two-three years. The area is home to a number of restaurants, hotels and guest houses which are mostly occupied by national and international tourists. 

Residents claim that the area has acquired a permanent stink because of the dustbins which are always full of garbage. According to a nearby tea stall owner, this place has been stinking for almost five years. 

“The municipality workers dump all the garbage here every day and the GMC truck collects the garbage from this point in the morning and at night. Yet the stink remains,” she said.
Currently, a fair (mela) has been put up on the ASTC ground which is right next to the dustbin. In spite of the garbage dump, the entrance to the fair is lined with moveable food carts which raise numerous questions of hygiene.

Speaking to G Plus, a resident of Ulubari, Sehnaz Begum said, “This area has become very unhygienic. People can't pass by the place without covering their nose. The concerned authorities should take some stringent steps. But apart from the authorities, it’s also the responsibility of the people not to throw garbage on the side of the road.”

Another local informed that the dumped garbage also poses a risk for the pedestrians as it becomes very difficult for them to walk as the strewn garbage spreads to a part of the busy road. The constant movement of heavy traffic adds to the problem as the pedestrians feel this might also lead to accidents.  
Another resident, Subhrajyoti Basak said that the problem is the smell spreads and the more garbage you throw around it, the more pungent a stink it produces. The atmosphere in the area is unhealthy. “It’s an ASTC parking stand now and not a barren land. That means people will be there even if there’s no mela. The authorities should take a note of this and take some action to eradicate the problem. And when there is a dustbin people should be careful enough to throw the garbage inside it and not around it,” said Basak. 

Another resident suggested that the GMC truck which collects garbage from the dumping place has no coordination with the collectors as far as timing is concerned. If the timing of the collector and the truck is coordinated, the garbage piling up may be avoided. In addition, any unauthorised person should not be allowed to dump garbage after a scheduled time. A CCTV camera is a must in the area in order to monitor the daily happenings of Volvo point. 
“The GMC officials will be visiting the site tomorrow (27/07/2019) along with the Flying Squad and they will take the appropriate step and the garbage will be removed immediately,” said GMC Commissioner Debeswar Malakar, reacting to the complaints. 

The GMC launched flying squads for garbage and drain cleaning in different parts of the city on July 9. Officials informed that a total of six flying squads will look into garbage and drainage complaints.    One squad will operate in each of the six engineering divisions. The divisions will further be divided into six parts and each vehicle from the squad will visit all parts of a division from Monday to Saturday, said authorities.

It must be noted that according to the GMC website, the corporation is divided into 31 wards and there is one NGO each assigned with the job of Primary Collection and Street Sweeping within the respective wards. These NGOs deposit the collected waste to the nearby secondary collection bins.

The work of Primary Collection is monitored by the Junior Technical Officers (JTO) and Sanitary Supervisors of the ward. The NGOs are also responsible for the collection of monthly “User Charges” from the households and commercial establishments as per the notification of User Charges issued by the Corporation from time to time. 

The NGOs use tricycles, thelas, hydraulic mounted trailer auto tippers, etc for the collection of household and commercial establishments’ wastes.

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