School Bag Weight Rule Yet To Be Fully Implemented In Guwahati Schools

School Bag Weight Rule Yet To Be Fully Implemented In Guwahati Schools

Samridhi Gour | August 31, 2019 13:45 hrs

GUWAHATI: Even after the state government had fixed the weight of school bags of all government and private schools, the rules are yet to be fully implemented in Guwahati.

The state government had directed all the schools to reduce the bag weight of students and the education department had set the deadline of May 30 last for the same. However, while some of the schools have started taking measures, the rule has not been implemented across all schools.   

As per the guidelines of the government of Assam, the maximum weight allowed for a school bag is 5 kgs for Class 10 students.
For this, the authorities had formed special squads at the district and block level to check if it’s being followed.

However, it has come to notice that a few of the schools have violated the norms as prescribed by the state education department.  

Sania Parwin, a Class 6 student of city-based South Point School told G Plus, “My school bag is so heavy that I need my mother to help me. I even feel bad when I ask my mother to help me with the bag but I feel so exhausted halfway to home and my shoulders start aching.”

She added, “My school did not take any measures regarding the weight of the bag and I urge the school faculty to do something to reduce the bag weight of students.”

On the other hand, Sania’s mother said that since Sania has to carry so many books to school every day, she worries about her daughter’s spine and shoulders.

“This is why I carry her bag back home every day. That’s the maximum I can do for her but there should be some permanent solution,” she further mentioned.

Officials in the education department informed that two bodies at the district and block levels are keeping a check on the implementation of the rule in schools. However, it has come to their notice that the block level schools are more active in implementation of the rule.

On the other hand, some school authorities are actively taking measures to reduce the bag weight of students.

“My daughter’s school has taken quite a few measures and I am quite satisfied with it. The principal has been asking the students not to carry unnecessary items to school which increase the weight of the bag. Subjects like sociology, history and geography were considered as one textbook. So, the school asked the students to bind it into different books which now makes them carry only the textbook they need for the day,” a parent of a private school student told G Plus.

“I am in Class 6 and my bag weight is around 4 kgs that is as per the government’s parameter, but I would like to urge the school faculty to undertake steps to reduce it further,” said Mudhota Chakravarthy, a student of Maharishi Vidya Mandir.

Further, district elementary education officer of Kamrup (Metro), Buli Gogoi, informed that two different bodies at the district and block levels are working on the same project to ensure that implementation of the rule is in progress.  

“After May 30, we did visit a lot of schools and we did take measures to check the weights of the bags. But we did not witness any positive results from the schools as the weight of the bags still crossed the parameter given to the particular class,” she added.

As per the guidelines, the weight of the school bags for Classes 1 and 2 should be 1.5 kgs, while for Classes 3 to 5, the weight should not exceed 2-3 kgs. For Classes 6 to 8 the weight should be 4 kgs and for Classes 8 and 9, 4.5 kgs. For Class 10 the weight should not exceed 5 kgs.  

She mentioned that in the higher classes, as the streams get divided, the volume of the books also increases which leads the students to carry more books thereby automatically increasing the weight. 

“Panbazar Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya is one of the schools that our team visited and the weight of the bags was not up to the mark. But, on the other hand, Principal of Vidya Mandir School has asked the students to spiral bind the portions differently according to the syllabus which will lessen the burden of carrying the whole book,” Gogoi further said.
The education department officials also mentioned that the implementation of this rule has been slow as the department authorities became busy with other projects.

“But overall it is positive and will work in the long run for the benefit of the students,” said an official.

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