SEBA has drastically changed scoring pattern: G Plus Poll

SEBA has drastically changed scoring pattern: G Plus Poll

Nehal Jain | May 18, 2019 13:45 hrs

With HSLC students scoring as much as 99% this year, do you think SEBA is now at par with CBSE in terms of scoring?

Yes: 65%

No: 45%

Total votes: 3800 

The Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) declared the results for High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) exam 2019 on May 15, Wednesday.
Altogether 3.36 lakh students appeared for the examination in 2019 out of which 2.02 lakh passed the same. Additionally, 48,599 students secured first division, while 71,020 and 82,889 students passed with second and third division respectively. 
These numbers showcase how the percentage of students passing the examination has improved consistently over the past three years. While 47.94% students had passed the examination in 2017, the percentage increased to 56.04 the next year. The number of students being successful in HSLC papers further improved to 60.23% this year.

Further, the highest percentage recorded this year was 99%. Meghashree Borah of Sankardev Shishu Bidya Niketan, Lakhimpur, emerged as the state topper securing 594 out of 600 marks. Chinmoy Hazarika and Pratyasha Medhi secured the second rank with 593 marks. Further, the third position was shared by Afreen Ahmed and Anushree Bhuyan who scored 591 marks.

The poll conducted by G Plus had over 3,800 participants and opinions and comments started flowing in on all our social media channels. Of the total number of 3,800 participants, 65% people said that SEBA has now come at par with CBSE in terms of scoring, while 45% people said that the low overall pass percentage shows that scoring in SEBA continues to be difficult.

The majority of participants (65%) are of the belief that SEBA has changed its scoring patterns and it has become easier to score 90%, with more and more people passing the exam each year. Some also suggested that SEBA students score marks by mugging the subjects rather than gaining practical knowledge.

"SEBA has definitely changed its scoring pattern. During our days the topper scored somewhat around 85%. 99% for a SEBA student back then was beyond imagination," recalled Rimakshi Choudhury.

"SEBA is all about mugging while CBSE demands practical and analytical skills and thinking," said Biki Das.
Respondents (45%) who believed that SEBA is not at par with CBSE in terms of scoring opined that scoring in examinations conducted by the Assam state board continues to be difficult. They also stated that the overall pass percentage in central board is much higher than that in SEBA board. 

"If you look at the bigger picture, you'll see that nowadays all CBSE students get 95% marks but in SEBA, only a handful of students score so well," commented Azad Ahmed.

In the same vein, Imran Ali said, "It's not just about reaching 99%. Please count the number of total candidates in both the boards who score above 90%."

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