Sheen less Puja
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Sheen less Puja, courtesy Demonetisation & GST

Avishek Sengupta & Rahul Chanda | September 23, 2017 13:14 hrs

Durga Puja isn’t what it used to be for Guwahatians who are left with lesser cash post demonetisation and are sauntering in vain from shop to shop seeking cheaper goods post GST implementation

Besides life in general, Durga Puja festivities in the city have also faced the brunt of the two major economic reforms of the Central Government – demonetisation on November 8 last year and the rollout of Goods & Services Tax (GST) regime from July 1 this year. This is evident from the big drag on GDP growth trajectory, feels Guwahati’s various business sections along with many others.


Traders from Fancy Bazar and GS Road areas, which turn into the epicentre of trade activities days before Durga Puja and Diwali, said that several buyers left without buying as they did not like the GST implemented higher rates of the products.


Even though the demonetisation and GST impacts weren’t that hard on those who belonged to upper-middle class sections or those who have government jobs, the lower-middle class, daily-wage labourers and those who lost their jobs during demonetisation are still limping and groping at normalcy.

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  • Johnny Das

    My Puja was ruined thanks to BJP Sorkaar!! :/

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