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Thursday, 20 February 2020


Sonaram Field and the Invigorating Perspectives

Bishaldeep Kakati | November 09, 2019 15:10 hrs

When we talk of Guwahati, it has not only remained confined to the construction of shopping malls, coffee shops etc, but the city has also presented itself as a place where one would definitely witness, ‘confluence of culture.’ Be it the festival of Bihu or Dandiya, food festivals or trade fairs, the city has indeed in an extravagant way, hosted a wide number of events and cultural functions. And the conspicuous fact is that the Sonaram Field near Bharalumukh has been one of the primary spots where numerous events have been organized on a regular basis. However, amidst all these events, we have seldom thought about making Sonaram Field a multipurpose institution of amusement, or in short, about changing its dynamics, in order to make it a centre of attraction each and every day.

A normal visual analysis of the Sonaram Field gives an impression in the mind that the field is sufficiently expansive enough to be a place where a number of things could be constructed, for the greater benefit of Guwahati. The matter of the fact the field has hosted many programmes over the years and every time a programme is about to occur, some temporary arrangements are made with wood, steel and bamboos in order to create a ‘Pandal’ or a stage, where the events would take place smoothly. So, the point is instead of constructing such temporary arrangements again and again, a serious thought could be given to the concept of constructing a multipurpose auditorium. And when we confabulate about the multipurpose auditorium, it should have the capacity to host any type of event, where proper sitting arrangements are made for the people and it should also consist of a vibrant and spacious stage, where even programmes relating to dance or drama could be properly organized without any hassle. Moreover, that auditorium would also generate revenues for the government, when it would get booked for the various events. So this concept would not only generate revenues but it would also serve as a permanent solution to the temporary constructions made for every event.

The next notion that could be taken into consideration, regarding the improvisation of the Sonaram Field, might appear a bit outlandish, however if the same is properly implemented, could turn out to be a real game changer. For the notion to come into existence, Sonaram Field should witness the construction of three structures in a scientific manner. The first construction, of course, could be a compact auditorium, since the field hosts a number of events, but the other two constructions could be done to promote Assamese literature and culture. Hence in one structure old and rare Assamese novels, magazines, journals could be kept, and the structure could be turned into a research centre, where any individual would be allowed to enter, to read or research. Moreover, the third structure could be like a theatre hall, where daily shows of ‘Bhaona’, Assamese films and documentaries, puppetry dance, drama etc could be exhibited, which would definitely draw a lot of audience to it. In fact, by charging a minimal entry fee in the entrance, higher amount of revenues would definitely get generated.

Added to this, the third notion could be to construct a multipurpose auditorium along with a multipurpose indoor stadium for playing table tennis, badminton etc, where people would be allowed to come and play just by enrolling themselves with a minimal fee. And in that process too, good amount of revenue would be generated. Apart from all these, other ideas like constructing a park alongside the auditorium, erecting a museum along with the auditorium etc too have the potential to change the graphical design of that area. In fact with the availability of the parking space adjacent to the field, even parking of vehicles won’t be an issue, and the presence of the mighty Brahmaputra just behind the field could turn out to be like the proper icing on the cake.

Therefore, the main idea behind the need to change the dynamics of the Sonaram Field is to generate revenues for the government and also to make the place robust, especially at a time, when some people more often than not tag Guwahati as a robotic and mechanized city. 

The ideas put forward, though, are definitely raw but by polishing them with proper planning, positive changes could be definitely expected out of those. However, the list of ideas for improvising the Sonaram Field is of course not an exhaustive one, as there might be more invigorating ideas that could change the overall design of the field, which has every potential to turn itself into a centre of attraction in the near future. 

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  • Vijay Sharma

    Some places should be ledt the way they are in the form of open ground, suitabke for all kind of purposes as per the need of hour. Rather constructing anything permanent there would be troublesome.