Stringent Fines Needed To Improve Traffic Scenario: G Plus Poll

Stringent Fines Needed To Improve Traffic Scenario: G Plus Poll

Saumya Mishra | August 03, 2019 15:37 hrs

#POLL | With the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019 being passed by Rajya Sabha, would increased fines ensure better traffic management?

Yes: 61%

No: 39%

Total votes: 972

GUWAHATI: The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2019 which was passed by the Rajya Sabha on August 1, provides for stricter penalties for those violating road traffic norms. 

The Bill states that traffic norm violators will now have to shell out more money for various road traffic violations including driving without license, over speeding, drunken driving, overloading, driving without seatbelt, overloading of two-wheelers, driving without helmet, racing, driving despite disqualification, jumping traffic lights and using mobile phones; among others.

The Bill also seeks to increase the quantum of punishment for the offences.  

G Plus conducted a poll asking the readers if according to them the increased fines and stricter penalties would ensure better traffic management. A total of 972 participants took part in the poll. Out of this, 61 per cent said that if the amendments come into effect, they would indeed ensure a better system of road transportation in the country.

On the other hand, 39 per cent people said that the new amendments would not have much effect on the overall traffic management system.

Further, some participants also feel that the chances of the amendments being successful depend on how well they are implemented. 
The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2019 also proposes safeguard of such persons who provide emergency assistance (medical or non-medical) to road accident victims, against harassment from law enforcement agencies.   
One of the provisions of the Bill also mentions the creation of a Road Safety Board to advise central and state governments on different aspects of road safety. 

Additionally, in case of juvenile offenders, the guardians of offenders will be deemed guilty and the registration of the vehicle will also be cancelled.

“The ministry has increased the penalty but what about traffic? No traffic signals in most of the areas and places like Athgaon, Fancy Bazar, no traffic police to control traffic jam,” said Nitesh Sharma.  

On the other hand, Arshad Hussain said that the proposed amendments would prove to be effective “if implemented in true sense without any corruption.”

“Rash driving is common in most of the cities in India. People in Sikkim and Mizoram definitely know how to maintain themselves on the road and follow all the rules and regulations. Installation of traffic management systems will not be fruitful where most of the drivers don't know how to abide by traffic rules and overtaking and speeding is common from buses, cars and bikes,” said Rupam B.

Some other respondents also expressed their apprehension that higher fines would mean that traffic police would charge more as bribe.  
On the other hand, some were also of the opinion that large-scale awareness is required among citizens about traffic rules and regulations.

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