Sumeet Vyas interacts with students of AEC; Says, “I’d love to come for Guwahati Theatre Festival again”

Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Sumeet Vyas interacts with students of AEC; Says, “I’d love to come for Guwahati Theatre Festival again”

G Plus News | April 28, 2018 13:34 hrs

The 9th edition of G Plus Campus Talks, in association with Viz-a-Viz, was successfully held at Assam Engineering College (AEC) on April 21. The event this year was a part of Pyrokinesis 2018, the annual fest of AEC. Indian actor and writer Sumeet Vyas, who was the guest for the evening, interacted with students of the institution and also with his fans through Facebook.

He began the interaction by sharing an anecdote that dated back 4 years, when he travelled from Mumbai to Assam for 4 days on train. Although the journey was tiring, he’s in love with Assam ever since, he shared.

“I’ve started my journey from failure. I’ve spent all my life acting, that is something where I put my heart and life,” said Sumeet. He also insisted that the students of the institution dedicate 100% effort to anything they do and that failure should not deter them in life. “You need to meet the phase of failure to succeed in life. That’s how the little success I have today, happened to me,” he added.

Staying within a comfort zone is not something the artist admires. Every time he gets comfortable with a genre or kind of work, he wants to try something new and different. That's how he has learnt, he said.

Sumeet started his career with a theatre company for 6-7 years where he started off working at the backstage and was responsible for the set changes. He loves to call himself a 'setup champ.' From backstage to being a major player in the theatre industry, Sumeet has come a long way.

The entire session of the Campus Talks was streamed LIVE on the Facebook page of G Plus. Questions from his followers and fans across the state were floated on the video. It was an enthralling experience to see the artist getting so much love from his fans, in both the virtual world and real life.

Answering to one of the questions put forward by a fan on Facebook, Sumeet said that he loves performing in Guwahati and would love to come for the Guwahati theatre Festival. Sumeet was one of the most popular performing artists during the G Plus Guwahati Theatre Festival 2016.

The artist also took part in a Q/A session with the students of the institution. The crowd was very enthusiastic and Vyas too had a lot of fun responding to their queries. He spoke about his upcoming projects and enacted his popular dialogues from his previous shows and films.

Campus Talks is an initiative by G Plus primarily aimed at creating an open platform to reach out to the students and to encourage students to voice their opinions about trending topics. It aims to educate, interact and draw out opinions from the students on the relevant issue. It is a brilliant way to elicit opinion from the college-going educated youth and understand the changes that the youth would like to voice or understand from the same platform.

The event was supported by Airtel India and Suzuki Motorcycles.

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