The Lucrative Business Side Of Social Media

Thursday, 20 February 2020


The Lucrative Business Side Of Social Media

Nilakshi M. Daimary | November 02, 2019 17:28 hrs

Somewhere around a decade ago social media was used to just socialize among people on the internet from near to greater distances. Back then, social media didn’t play a strong role in anyone’s life. Now, we are a generation of likes, shares and comments. In each social media platform, users are driven by the sense of affirmation given by interactions with their posts. 

In the present day the evolution of technology has put up the developers into developing numerous applications and websites bringing in a multitude of new career choices at large. The platforms of social media in today's date is considered to be one of the greatest tools for digital marketing and career making among the present day adolescents and young adults as well. 
Career choices like blogging/vlogging and creating content for social media, is a business that’s proving to be extremely lucrative. It is estimated that influencer marketing industry will be worth a whopping $10 billion by 2020. While blogging/vlogging and creating content may have been considered to be something which people did in their past time as a hobby, many creators have successfully turned their passion for content creation into a business through branding of products belonging to numerous brands worldwide and have made a face of themselves in the social media platforms. Today, anyone with a smartphone, internet connection and the access to social media applications can become an influencer, blogger/vlogger or a content creator. One doesn’t even need to have a verified account with the blue tick mark on it. 

Social media being an incredibly competitive space has soared the trend of influencer marketing across nations where the influencers rising with the digital times can make use of these social media platforms to build a rapport with their audience through their great content creating skills anytime anywhere to get hold of brand collaborations in order to carve a successful career as an influencer.

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