"Trust Me Any Day When I Say Essential Commodities are Available for 3 Months," Kumar Sanjay Krishna

Monday, 01 June 2020


"Trust Me Any Day When I Say Essential Commodities are Available for 3 Months," Kumar Sanjay Krishna

Barasha Das | April 05, 2020 12:42 hrs

Assam Chief Secretary lays all speculations to rest; food amply available in state for 3 months

Assam Industries Minister, Chandra Mohan Patowary, at a meeting in Patshala on March 31 last, said that the state currently has a week’s supply of food available. 

He added that problems might arise in the supply chain in the coming days. This was reported by a leading daily of the state.

It has also been reported from many areas of the city, especially from Kalapahar, that stocks of essential items have run out of stores and these have not been replenished with new supplies.

Prices of many essential items like rice, atta, maida, dal have also soared given the non-availability of products or due to a break in the supply chain.

Shivam Agarwal, a shop owner of the Bharalumukh area said, “Essential commodities are available as of now. But the prices of most items had to be increased as the wholesale owners are charging us more.”

When asked about the production date or packaging of these newly high priced goods, he mentioned that no new packaging or production have been supplied till date, but given the speculated shortage/lack of supply, manywholesalers are charging more as people are panic-buying.

It has to be mentioned that many flour mills and other such production houses have not yet resumed operations even after the government had exempted them from the lockdown. Further, as reported, although a few have been operating, the production lines do not have enough labour to cater to the current requirements.

When G Plus tried to enquire with the Food & Civil Supplies Department, the higher officials refrained from answering any question.

However, the Chief Secretary to the government of Assam, Kumar Sanjay Krishna, has assured once again that the state has enough food to last three months.
This was in reiteration of his earlier statement at a press conference that was called by him on March 25.

Talking exclusively to G Plus, Kumar Sanjay Krishna said, "Trust me any day when I say essential commodities are available for three months."

When informed about speculations of shortages he said that the essential goods need to be properly defined by the public at this hour of crisis. "We are trying to assess the requirements in grocery shops and will do the needful. Some difficulties will be there but everyone should be happy even if he (or she) does not get his (or her) choice (of items)," he added.

Further, he mentioned that the Additional CS of Food and Civil Supplies has been told to assess the requirements in shops and ensure replenishment urgently. However, the supply of meat and fish are to be kept on hold for sometime. "Meat and fish will remain out of reach for some time," said the Chief Secretary.

Urging the people of Assam to follow the lockdown strictly, Krishna informed that the government is putting in every effort to provide the necessities and essentials. However, expectation might fall short given the exceptional circumstances.

He requested the people to be content with whatever they have and remain happy. "This time will pass and patience with social distancing is needed now," he added.

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