‘Vaastav’ Style Murder In Guwahati! Is The City Turning Into A Crime Capital?

Wednesday, 27 May 2020


‘Vaastav’ Style Murder In Guwahati! Is The City Turning Into A Crime Capital?

G Plus News | September 14, 2019 13:36 hrs

Films are sometimes inspired by true events and scripts are written from the experiences of reality. Accordingly, many gangster films are scripted and made on the crime scenario of Mumbai and Vaastav was one where it was shown that gangsters can enter any home/business establishment to kill by virtue of taking contracts from politicians or other bosses. Guwahati too, recently witnessed a Vaastav like murder when an employee of a hardware shop in the city’s busy Kumarpara area was shot dead by 5 unidentified gunmen on Thursday evening. 

The deceased identified as Shyam Sharma was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries the same evening.

“The gang entered the office posing as customers and asked for Shyam as they wanted to settle some pending dues,” police sources said. As soon as the employee identified himself as Shyam, the unidentified gang shot him. The initial investigation, according to police sources, indicates that it might be a contract killing. 

In what could be a possible case of mistaken identity, the first name of the owner of the establishment and Shyam Sharma’s employer is also Shyam and therefore there could have been a misunderstanding whereby the employee was killed, the police suspect. The police are still investigating the case and are yet to solve it. 

“We cannot reveal anything now as we are working on it but very soon we will solve the case,” said the commissioner of police Deepak Kumar. 

Residents of Kumarpara revealed that the employer is a wealthy businessman with around seven shops in the Kumarpara area and is also active in the real estate business.

The incident has rocked the city as the business class is fearful of the new trends in crime. 
There are also various gangs operating in the city targeting vehicles, cheating people through cyber crime and so on. 

The city is expanding and accordingly cases of crime are increasing. Also, with the National Register of Citizens (NRC) final list being out, the outbreak is yet to be measured as many will be left sans identity. 
There might come a time when films will be scripted on the crime scenario in Guwahati if the situation is not controlled.

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