While Govt Claims Preparedness to Fight Covid-19, GMC Fails to Keep Guwahati Clean

Tuesday, 11 August 2020


While Govt Claims Preparedness to Fight Covid-19, GMC Fails to Keep Guwahati Clean

G Plus News | March 21, 2020 10:45 hrs

GUWAHATI: Though the state and the central governments are claiming that they are leaving no stone unturned to fight the Coronavirus, the Guwahati Development Department (GDD) is yet to grasp the gravity of the situation as the city still remains vulnerable to diseases. 

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) which is under GDD is alleged to not being responsible enough to keep the city clean during the present scenario. A concerned citizen of Guwahati, Sumit Jain from Shantipur area, has raised various questions regarding the cleanliness of the city. 

Talking to G Plus Jain said, “Every morning I travel towards Jalukbari at around 10 am and I see the garbage carting GMC vehicles plying without adequate covers such that the garbage keeps falling out of the truck on the roads.” He said that it not only litters the entire stretch of the road but also makes the roads a source for the spread of various diseases. He said that the issue is also a concern for the traffic police and accordingly he had complained to the traffic department thrice but no action has been taken yet. Jain also added that many GMC trucks do not have proper registration number plates. 

This is just one perspective; similarly there are many other complaints against the GMC.
The people of Fancy Bazar keep complaining about the old jail area which always remains dirty.

Former councilor of ward number 9, Rajkumar Tewari (Fancy Bazar area falls under the ward), talking to G Plus said, “Since 21 months the GMC has not conducted the corporation elections which has stripped us off the power of maintaining cleanliness in the area. The GMC officials do not listen to us anymore.” He also said that the old jail area is never cleaned by the GMC workers. Many drains in the area are overflowing and there is garbage all over. The old jail area is also a urinating point for people and it is never cleaned even as people continue with the practice. The area is extremely vulnerable to diseases. 
The non government organizations (NGOs) hired by the GMC for door-to-door garbage collection are also not working properly according to him.
Many areas in the city have complaints that the NGOs do not collect garbage regularly. 
Deepa Das of ward number 27 (Jyotikuchi area) talking to G Plus expressed that the NGOs visit the area once a week to collect garbage. Thus, the residents are compelled to throw the garbage in vacant plot of lands or the drains flowing nearby. The area thereby becomes vulnerable to diseases. 

The Prime Minister of India, while addressing the nation, has asked the citizens to give utmost importance to cleanliness. The state government has asked all the business establishments, government offices and other stakeholders to keep everything clean. But the GMC has somewhat been at the receiving end of allegations of not keeping the city clean. 

A doctor, Manoj Kumar Singh, talking to G Plus said that there are no Covid-19 positive cases in the state, but it is important that the citizens follow the government’s directives on cleanliness. He said it is important for city authorities to keep the city clean. 

The GMC claimed that they have formed flying squads to check littering, spitting and urinating on the roads and across the city, but it looks like their claims are not visible on ground.

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