Guwahati Streets Offer Sumptuous Local Cuisine all-day Breakfast Options

Tuesday, 22 September 2020


“If Elections Are Taking Place Elsewhere in India, Why Not in Bodoland?” Questions Promod Boro

Devabrata Dutta | September 21, 2020 16:01 hrs

Promod Boro, supremo of United Peoples Party Liberal (UPPL) has questioned the delay in holding the Bodoland council elections.
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Statues of Historical Figures Lie in a Shambles at Guwahati

Barasha Das | September 20, 2020 17:25 hrs

The pathetic conditions of these statues in Guwahati compel us to reflect: Are we actually honouring our heroes? Doesn’t this poor maintenance amount to dishonouring them instead?
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