10 PUBG Mobile tips for you to become a better player

Thursday, 22 October 2020


10 PUBG Mobile tips for you to become a better player

G Plus Feature By Animesh Agarwal | October 01, 2018 15:48 hrs

Basically the best way to get better in the game is to watch the better player play. But today let me share some tips or strategies that me and my team has adopted in the past few months. We are not masters of any tactics, just following the basics and trying to make use of the different approaches that can used while playing the game.

1) Strictly say no to playing PUBG MOBILE on PC emulators.

PUBG MOBILE like the name says is a mobile game, which recently saw a surge in the number or players playing the game on PC/Laptop powered emulators. Emulators not only gives the players a competitive advantage but also makes the game way more easier which ultimately results in losing interest in the game . None of the PUBG MOBILE OFFICIAL tournaments allows emulators in tournaments which is another big disadvantage as adopting to mobile gameplay in a short tie very difficult. SAY NO TO EMULATORS, SWITCH TO PUBG PC INSTEAD.


How many times have you been surprised by an enemy popping right on your back when you were expecting them in the front ? This does not happen with us-  The game is made in such a way that if you hear the sounds properly, you can tell the direction,  or the floor or predict the movement of the enemy more accurately than making guesses. A good quality headphone is a must to compete  at better levels and improve the gameplay. Most of  Professional Teams spend a major chunk on headphones for PUBG MOBILE.

3) Customise the HUD according to your comfort

The screen layout is very important and the position of the buttons are customisable. Everyone knows this but no one uses it. Our team noticed atleast 2 times increase in the number of wins since each of our players adjusted the BUTTON LAYOUT COMPLETELY according to individual needs.

4) 2 thumb play vs CLAW game play (Refer to image)

PUBG MOBILE SCREEN CUSTOMISATION allows players to either use 2 thumbs, or switch to a CLAW grip on the device. CLAW GRIP is difficult to master, but  allows four fingers to work simultaneously allowing you to move , aim , shoot and scope at the same time. SEE PICTURE FOR DIFFERENCE IN SCREEN LAYOUT


Another hidden feature in the game barely used by players is the Gyroscope. The gyroscope adjusts the Gun Pointer in the game according to hour hand movements. This feature allows players to scope from tiniest of places and control the GUN RECOIL to a great extent. This is another tough feature, but if you master it, you become better than the master.

6) SURVIVING important than KILLING

Everyone loves to play the game aggressively , and loves getting those kill count increasing, but competitive play in tournaments demands a mix of passive and aggressive strategy. Believe me playing defensively in a CUSTOM GAME with professional is way more difficult than running in the open field firing shots even at ACE levelled game. Ending with 10 kills and finishing 10th kicks you out of the Tournament for sure, but ending up with 4 kills and a 4th position finish Gets you the final spot  (Our case on GAME 1 of DAY 2 semi finals)

7) Third person vision

The beauty of TPP mode game lies in the fact that you can use the eye movement button and your character to see what lies behind the wall or who stand on the floor above you. Professional players use the TPP vision before charging on any enemy at any place.

8) Know the MAP

Knowing every corner of the Map is very important to grind at the top level. You should be well aware of the Garages and the safe spots in every area of the Map to cope up with contingent situations in the game

9) Practice in CUSTOM GAMES

If you think you got better or if you have the skills to take out 99 other real players, play in custom rooms. The game changes entirely in Custom Rooms when every enemy you face is Human Intelligence rather than the AI powered BOTS in the classic games. If you don’t know where to head for custom rooms, its hosted here daily for community practice https://discord.gg/ERJnybZ


No better learning for video games is to watch a better player play and learn from his live gameplay. Most streamers talk of their strategies live when they stream. If you want to get better and see how its played professionally you can tune into https://www.twitch.tv/8bit_thug , and drop a follow o stay notified whenever he goes online everyday to play in front of his viewers and explaining the strategies

Every day we practice to become better and get better in the Tips I have provided above. Its never an easy feat, so don’t get frustrated when you try something new. Day 5 will definitely be better than Day 1. Good luck, and Get Your Chicken Dinners.

Team Captain – Thug Aka Animesh Agarwal . 

Watch him play daily on https://www.twitch.tv/8bit_thug

Join his community group https://discord.gg/ERJnybZ

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  • Adhiraj

    But sometimes emulator player team up with mobile players which give them a advantage..

  • Tanoy

    I play from both emulator and mobile and people playing from emulator ONLY gets paired with other people using emulator so there is no unfair advantage and usually most pros prefer fpp over tpp.