12 Vaastu tips for love

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12 Vaastu tips for love

G Plus News | December 12, 2018 14:23 hrs

1. The bedroom should be constructed in the south-west direction. It should be painted with light green, light pink or any soothing colour. Feng Shui recommends earth elements like crystals in southwest. 

2. A white or light coloured bed sheet with floral designs is best for the bedroom. Someone wishing to get married can use pink or red coloured sheets.

3. Sleep with your head towards south.

4. A bedroom should always be square or rectangular. This brings peace and love in life. 
5. Colour can have different effects on us. Pink, purple and blue are soothing colours. Orange colour brings purity.  According to Vaastu, wearing red colour brings in lost love and enhances the sexual life as well.
6. A house and the rooms should be well lit. Loss of light in the house means sluggishness in love life and relationship.
7. Idols of gods should not be kept in the bedroom.
8. All the things kept in the bedroom should be neat, clean and tidy. Dirty objects in the bedroom make a relationship stagnate.

9. Romantic objects kept in the bedroom can bring positive energies and ignite love.
10. Crystals should be used in decorating the house because crystal attracts light.

11. Positive thoughts may be written down in a diary. This will preserve positive energy.

12. The day should be started with a calm activity like puja or meditation. This makes the mind calm. It is a western custom for the husband to kiss the wife goodbye before leaving for work. This keeps the relationship alive.

Tips for those wishing to get married:

1. Wear bright clothes and metal jewellery.

2. Sleep in the north western room to maximize your chances of getting married.

3. You may keep a gem tree in your living room. 

4. You can try this magic mantra by writing it in red ink nine times daily and reciting it. The mantra is: “The floodgates of my good are now open!!”

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