Want to stay fit? Here are some easy to follow fitness tips!
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7 must follow fitness tips!

G Plus Feature | November 20, 2017 14:09 hrs

7 must follow fitness tips

1.    Say hello to H2O - Whether you're heading off to gym, boot camp, or any other exercise, it's always important to hydrate so you can stay energized and have your best workout. 

2.    Find the best fitness friend - A workout buddy is hugely helpful for keeping motivated, but it's important to find someone who will inspire—not discourage. So make a list of all your exercise-loving friends, and then see who fits this criterion.

3.    Make sure you're eating healthy - Regardless of your training goals, healthy eating is the backbone. Food is what fuels your body to reach your goals, and without proper nutrition through quality foods, you’re likely to stall. 

4.    Eat with purpose - Everything you consume should have substantial nutritional value. Everything you eat should serve some sort of nutritional purpose in your body, fuel your workouts, and (be) geared toward optimizing your body.

5.    Learn how to fight fatigue - Fatigue may be your biggest enemy when training, but there are some ways to combat it. First, drink beet juice, which is packed with healthy nitrates that can improve your cardiovascular functioning. Another way to boost your performance is by carefully selecting your music.

6.    Have a fruity ice cream sundae - Next time your family or friends decide to make an ice-cream run, don't worry about being left out of the fun! Order a fresh (and super-refreshing) ice cream sundae, piled high with diced kiwi, pineapple, and strawberries. 

7.    Never compare – Never compare yourself with anyone. Everyone’s different and everyone’s beautiful in their own way. So, embrace your body!

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