A Signboard in East London has this written on it...

Thursday, 04 March 2021


A Street in East London with a Bengali Signboard

G Plus Feature | March 06, 2018 17:40 hrs

Brick Lane (ব্রিক লেন) is a street in east London, England that derives its name from brick and tile manufacturing that started in the 15th century, which used the local brick earth deposits. 

The area is widely known for two things: graffiti and Indian curry restaurants. The graffiti arts were not developed by Bengalis, but almost every one of the curry restaurants were owned and operated by them. The entire area came to be called Banglatown or the Curry Capital. (Source)

What’s peculiar about this photo? 

As you can see, the sign showing the name of the street has two languages, one written in English, one in Bengali. 

Today, Brick Lane is the heart of the city's Bangladeshi-Sylheti community and is known to some as Banglatown. It is famous for its many curry houses.

(The cover of the film adaptation of the novel.)

The area has been shown in several moviess, has been referenced in pop culture, also has a novel by the name.

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