Approach your Goals systematically with Good EMIs

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Approach your Goals systematically with Good EMIs

Prachee Sharma | March 10, 2018 16:52 hrs

“Time is money.” This advice has been with all of us since our childhood. While studying, it used to be applied to manage time for exam preparations. When we used to play, it was about creating a balance between fun and studies. As we grow up, this success mantra continues to stay along as we continue to manage our time to strike a balance between our work and personal lives. After all, it is all about earning good money and spending money in the right way.

India has a huge millennial youth population, a demographic characteristic which works to its advantage. The youth has played a great role in transformation of the economy from majorly cash economy to a digital economy. The Indian economy has also undergone a lot of structural changes since the last couple of years with the demonetization, introduction of new denomination notes, etc. We are presently witnessing a paradigm shift in the savings pattern of the Indian households as well and the savings are moving swiftly from physical assets like gold, real estate etc to financial assets.

Most importantly, the youth of our country has now started earning at an early age. Financial freedom has encouraged them to work and earn for themselves. This also has led to blossoming of their desires for luxuries like possessing an iPhone and driving a Sedan car. Further, starting to earn early has also led to a considerable increase in their work life span as well. However, the financial freedom they have started enjoying is also giving a rise to tendency to enjoy the luxuries on debt and paying monthly EMIs instead. Enjoying the luxuries at low monthly payouts in terms of EMIs certainly seems to be an easy option for them.

However, the smart youth must indeed opt for a better way to fulfill those desires in terms of Good EMI. While the regular EMI for loans asks you to pay interest, Good EMI can help you earn some returns instead. Planning for your finances can be the simplest way to do it. Just start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for investment in Mutual Funds. SIP will deduct amounts from your bank account on periodical basis and thereafter, all you need to do is relax and let the Good EMI reap some benefits for a healthy financial future.

However, you must be wondering, why Good EMI in Mutual Funds only? The answer is very simple. Mutual funds provide you with professional management of your funds and they are time and cost effective. Further, mutual funds provide you with flexibility to invest across asset classes depending upon your risk appetite and returns expectations.

Equities tend to perform well over longer term and further, with the increased work life span, starting this Good EMI with mutual funds will help you generate a healthy corpus after a period of 5-7 years. Also, the flexibility to invest across various time frames ensures the short-term and long term goals have the specific investments linked to the goals.

And that is why we say, start early and make more money… KYUNKI AB SAR UTHA KE JEENE KA SAHI TARIKA AA GAYA HAI..!!!

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