Assamese Guy gets a Full Makeover for his House after Winning Lucky Draw

Assamese Guy gets a Full Makeover for his House after Winning Lucky Draw

G Plus News | November 28, 2019 16:58 hrs

How would you like it, if someone told you that you could give your home a complete makeover, all at the cost of spending some time on the internet? Sounds like a scam right? We've all come across these Lucky draw contest and think of the whole idea as a sham. However, we hear of the exceptions who give us hope, hence, "Lucky" Draw.

Well, Suraju Sahu, a resident of Majuli, Assam entered the “Dream More, Celebrate More” makeover offer from Panasonic and won Home appliances worth over Rs. 2 lakh! Cool right?

He started with the purchase of an LCD and entered the contest thinking nothing much of it, as most of us always do.

However, Sahu won about 10 products which included a 55’ 4K TV, a Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Purifier, Microwave Oven, Vacuum Cleaner, Sound Bar, Inverter AC, Steam Iron, Fan and LED Bulbs.

The process was pretty simple, buy a Panasonic product, register it on the Panasonic India website with the personal & purchase details and then wait it out! The contest was held from 9th Sep 19’ to 31st Oct 19’.

The Lucky Winner won a complete makeover for his house which included Panasonic Appliances & Electronics.

"I did not expect to win. I went to buy an LCD when the shopkeeper mentioned about the contest and said he'd be entering my name and details. I came home and didn't think much of it. I filled out a few forms online and forgot about it. I then got a call within the week at 9pm saying I got picked. It didn't hit me till a month when the appliances reached my house. It felt very real then. Everyone was very happy in my family. Things took a while to reach since I live in Majuli but they call came with a lot happiness," said Mr. Sahu to G Plus.

To be honest, atleast now we’ll be on the lookout for these schemes and not just discard them because we feel we wouldn’t win anything.

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  • Arun Mahanta

    “Assamese Guy...” Really? What kind of language is this? If you actually want to be taken seriously as a news and media website, you would do best to avoid using cheap slang in your articles, far less your headlines! Also, get yourself better writers.