City food joint, Beatrix turns 25 Years old

City food joint, Beatrix turns 25 Years old

G Plus Feature | October 23, 2017 21:19 hrs

If you are a local of Silpukhuri, Ambari or Chenikuthi, you are familiar with ‘Beatrix’. A quaint family food joint located at Chenikuthi, opposite St. Mary’s School; a location clearly thronged by students and parents alike.

Founded by Rupa Barua in 1992, this food joint is known for its tempting Chinese and Indian food with a special demand for their burgers.

Although you know the food joint that it is today, it actually started as a home kitchen and was much smaller. They were one of the first food joints in the city to serve burgers and continue to have a great demand for the same. Their menu started with fast food, moved into Chinese and now also serves Indian.

The name ‘Beatrix’ means “Bringer of Joy” in Latin and certainly lives up to its name!

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