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Saturday, 23 January 2021


Detailing Devils - Guwahati's Uber Cool Ceramic Coating Studio!

Devabrata Dutta | December 04, 2020 19:05 hrs

Guwahati is now home to Detailing Devils, a service-oriented vehicle detailing company.  

A brand that originated in Singapore, Detailing Devils is currently serviceable in 19 Indian cities along with Resham Nagar, Khanapara in Guwahati. 

Detailing Devils specializes in nano-coating, expertises in cleaning, Premium Car Coating and protecting vehicles belonging to every category comparatively at a lower price.

With its excellent workmanship, best technology and eco-friendly measures Detailing Devils is one of the most popular names in the automotive industry.

They provide two major categories of vehicle detailing: Restoration and Protection with the assistance of US developed and tested car care products.

For those wondering what is Detailing? It is a process to get into the details and then cleaning the vehicle to give it a well-finished look. 

On the other hand, Ceramic Coating gives full-fledged protection to the vehicle’s surface and affirms it with highly durable features like Permanent Chemical Bonds, Oleophobicity, Weather Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Heat Resistance, Anti-Graffiti, Hydrophobicity, Anti-Corrosivity and Scratch Resistance which comes along with high gloss and easy maintenance.

The pre-existing ceramic coating concept in India is very elite and niche, Detailing-Devils aims to make it a lot cheaper and more durable than the others.  

Their 5 stepped detailed paint correction process, named - Skin Restoration System (SSR) helps eradicate impure contaminants and surface-level damages like scratches, swirl marks, and clear coat haze, or even the scratches that go through the painted surface and gives it a smooth finish.

For different parts of the vehicle's body it has 7 different products: 

1. 9H Diamond Nano Armor (9H DNA), a mixed self-leveling, cross-linking dual layer of two different ceramics. It is a paint protection nanotech coating which comes along with scratch resistance, mud-repellence, hydrophobicity, and chemical-resistance. It helps the painted surfaces to stay unaffected from damages without affecting the real gloss and shine.

Depending upon the life and density of the ceramic particles containment, it comes along another 4 variants of 9H DNA –

A. 9H DNA – Reload (1 year)
B. 9H DNA – Pro (3 years)
C. 9H DNA – Absolute (5 years)
D. 9H DNA – Evolution (7 years)

2. Crystal Vision, provides obstacle free vision while driving in rains and night with its inbuilt hydrophobic and anti-glare like features. Coating adds extra thickness to the windshield and protects it from breaking off easily. Oleophobic features save it from possible damages like bird poops, tree sap etc. Its water-beading effect makes water form tiny beads and slide down the surface and leaves it dry completely.

3. Wheel Nano Armor protects the wheels from the heat created by vehicles' brake systems, dirt, mud, sludge, oxidation and UV rays etc and keeps it shiny and spotless.

4. Nano Shine Armor is a non-oily, non-greasy, silicone-free environment-friendly coating featured with mud-repellence and permanent adhesion to restore the black shine of tyres.

5. Nano Trim Armor is a water-based nano-tech that revives the shine of the faded interiors from the dash to woods panels, doors etc. It can form a permanent adhesion with the surface applied on and ratifies durability.

6. Fabric Nano Armor is an oleophobic feature that ensures the protection of a car’s textile surfaces from fading, stains, water or any other impurities. Not only that, it also leaves a very pleasant fragrance to the interiors.

7. Leather Nano Armor is another protective nanotech coating built specifically to protect leather surfaces from water and oil-based stains while making them anti-microbial and durable.

To complete the whole process, Detailing Devils takes at least two days. 

They have three different packages namely – Armor Reload, Armor Pro, Armor Absolute and each gives a warranty of 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years respectively. 

Depending upon the life span, vehicle, and the chosen coating products, the cost of these packages varies from 10,000/- INR for a Hatchback car to 55,000/- INR for a luxury SUV. 

Speaking to G Plus, Sadek Ahmed the owner of Detailing Devils, Guwahati franchise said, “When a car or any motor vehicle enthusiast washes, coats or restores their vehicles they feel very happy and fresh just looking at it. Any such enthusiast will tell. But here in Guwahati, we do not have a high-end garage to provide such an environment to them. By the time a vehicle is ready, the owner will be exhausted with all the heat, mosquito bites, and what not? Hence, I wanted to make a change in that."

"I want to make the process of car detailing and coating a comfortable experience for our customers. We aim to work on your vehicle’s safety and appearance with proper care, best technology, and right tools," he further added. 

During the warranty period, there are provisions that for every scratch or any other surface damage a vehicle catches in a span of 1 year, on the same time next year Detailing Devils will restore the vehicle the way it was restored for the first time, that too totally free of cost. And the process will continue till the warranty expires.

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