Diwali and Rangolis

Diwali and Rangolis!

Kasturi Borkotoki | October 17, 2017 11:11 hrs

Say the word “Diwali” and one of the first words that come to my mind is ‘Rangoli’ or ‘Alpana’ as it is referred to in Assamese.

In Assam most of us grew up decorating our gates with banana trees and earthen lamps.

Then entire halves of bamboo branches would be nailed into the trees to hold the lamps and candles. It was more like a form of installation art! The entire installation would continue with lamps placed through the gate to the walls and the veranda. We would even make lovely patterns on how the lamps would glow. There would be a few lights too- mostly 'lichoo' lights. The whole day of Diwali would be spent in procuring two banana trees and fixing them near the gate!

But, I am not sure how many of us have this luxury anymore! We all live in apartments now. But the art continues! We have all adopted the rangoli as one of the must-have things to do during Diwali. This practice is very convenient for our smaller apartments now and at the same time looks pretty and creative too.

We have taken the whole Rangoli drawing concept to the next level. Most offices have Rangoli competitions and some even have beautiful themes for Rangoli Art.

There are district and state level competitions for Rangolis and we get to see huge artworks with beautiful display of colour! Coloured rice, flowers, sindoor, haldi and holi powder are usually used for drawing.

Patterns vary from florals and peacock motifs to geometric patterns. Every year you get to see bigger and better designs with enhanced creativity!

This Diwali, let's say it with a colourful Rangoli. Happy Diwali!

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