Diwali Shopping According to Your Rashi | Diwali 2020

Sunday, 29 November 2020


Diwali Shopping According to Your Rashi

Hemanta Kumar Sarmah | November 11, 2020 21:26 hrs

It is a custom to buy new things before Diwali and decorate the house. According to astrology, Pushya Nakshatra (star) is one of the best Nakshatras which is ruled by Lord Shani and Brihaspati (Jupiter). During the period ruled by Pushya Nakshatra, it is very good to start new ventures, perform important work, and buy new stuff.

Dhanteras is celebrated one day before Diwali and it is very auspicious to do shopping on this day especially precious metals. It falls on the thirteenth day of the descending moon (Krishna Pakshya) in the month of Karthick. 

People should buy the following things according to their Rashi (Horoscope) to reap maximum benefits:

MESH RASHI: They should buy things made of Gold, copper, or Bronze.

VRISH RASHI: They should buy silver items this Dhanteras. Silver coins, silver clothes, or clothes having silver linings will be lucky. 

MITHUNA RASHI: Buying any kind of copper items will be very lucky during this Dhanteras. Lord Dhanantari will bless them.

KARKA RASHI: Karkat people should buy utensils made of steel in Dhanteras to appease Goddess Mahalaxmi.

SINGHA RASHI: The Sun is the ruling planet of Simharashi. They should buy gold ornaments or gold coins during this Dhanteras.

KANYA RASHI: They should buy silver coins, jewellery or utensils for luck. 


TULA RASHI: They should buy silver items this Dhanteras. Silver coins, silver clothes or clothes having silver linings will be lucky. They can also buy new cars.

VRISCHIK RASHI: They should buy gold or golden dresses. Buying puja items will also be very lucky.

DHANU RASHI: They should buy silver stuff. Buying vehicles will be very good.

MAKAR RASHI: They should buy items of decoration during this Dhanteras. Buying vehicles will also be auspicious.

KUMBH RASHI: Saturn or Shani is the ruler of KumbhRashi. They should buy silver or steel utensils. 

MEEN RASHI: They can do new negotiations or bargaining during this Dhanteras. Buying gold or silver items will be very good for them. 

(The author is an engineer, businessman, advanced pranic healer, and Su Jok Acupressure specialist. The views expressed in the article are his own.) 

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