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Thursday, 25 February 2021


Drive to Your Homestay in Style and Comfort

Special Feature | January 05, 2020 19:44 hrs

When you finally get to take that vacation, you’ve been planning for months, don’t let unpleasant commute get in the way. There’s nothing worse than being stuck at the airport while your comfy homestay awaits you. Travelling to cities like Bangalore where the airport is situated far from the main city can be a tough ordeal. Hailing self drive car at airport in Bangalore is not as easy as it sounds, because of the language barrier and the high prices you’re asked to pay.

And on top of that, you’ve got luggage. Also, let’s not forget how tourists are exploited by cab drivers with unnecessary extra fares. In times like these, you need a commute that is hassle-free and gives you the independence to reach your holiday homestay with ease. This is where one of the most convenient and cost-effective car services, Zoomcar comes handy. It gives you the freedom to self-drive from the airport to your comfortable homestay. Bid adieu to expensive self drive airport car in Bangalore with this next-gen car service.

Still not convinced? Here’s how Zoomcar will ease your commute, saving you from the hassle of self drive airport car in Bangalore and other cities.

No Haggling with Cab Drivers

Taking self drive airport car in Bangalore can be challenging because of theevident language barrier.Also, let’s not forget how cab drivers try and exploit you by charging extra money. In instances like these, Zoomcar saves the day with self-driven cars that you can easily pick from the airport. Simply book your car in advance and head over to the nearby pick-up area to get your Zoomcar.

Drive in Comfort and Style

Whether it is your vacation or a friend’s wedding, you’ve got to arrive in style. Choose from a wide variety of hatchbacks, SUVs and sedansavailable in manual and automatic drive. With a car rental service, you get to choose not only luxury but also comfort. Every car is thoroughly cleaned before being handed over to you. That’s not all, our experts give our Zoomcar’s breaks, airbags, engine and all the nitty-gritty a stringent check.

Pay as You Need

When it comes to getting self drive airport car in Bangalore and other cities, you end up paying way more than expected. With a rental car service, you pay per kilometre, meaning you only pay for what you use. The best part is that rentalcosts include fuel prices. In case you need to refuel, you can save the receipt and get the amount refunded.

Don’t Limit Your Travels

Once you have your rental self drive airport car in Bangalore or any other city, there’s no excuse not to take that long drive with your friends. If you and your buddies make an impromptu plan of driving down from the city, don’t let anything come in your way. You don’t have to worry about a thing as all rental cars come with an All-India permit, allowing you to go on adventures with your buddies.

When it comes to catching flights or getting off from one to reach your holiday home, you want nothing to get in your way. This is especially applicable in cities like Guwahati, Bangalore and Hyderabad, where airports are situated far off from the main city and getting an airport cab can be difficult.With Zoomcar’s easy and affordable rentals, explore the city on your own terms!

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