Everyone has a right to Dream!

Tuesday, 02 June 2020


Everyone has a right to Dream!

Prachee Sharma | March 01, 2018 17:02 hrs

Raja has been running a Pan Shop near A-Block in the busy square of CP, New Delhi since 15 years now. In spite of having limited means, his family comprising of his wife, a son of 9 years and a daughter of 7 were leading a happy life.  Their life was going well until one day his daughter came up to him and told him about her desires to be a doctor. She told him, “Papa, I want to become a doctor.” She had seen a hospital scene in some movie on TV a day before and she had all the desires to be a helping hand to others. She expressed the same to her father with all innocence. The statement was simple, but that put Raja into deep thoughts.

He could not understand what to answer to his daughter. He was leading a simple life and had simple plans for his life. He had always thought that he could not afford to have big dreams either for himself or for his family.

The story of Raja has been similar to that of many of us, who have adapted ourselves to live a content life with whatever we have. While such a life indeed goes well with the old saying that one must sleep on the sheet that matches one’s size, one must always stay ambitious for the future our life has planned for us. The fact is that with the increasing living costs in our country, survival has assumed more importance than living our lives in our own terms.

But amidst the fight for survival, we tend to forget that everyone has a right to dream about living a life of his choice. No one has ever said that dreams can be afforded only by a certain section of society or those big dreams and high aspirations are only for the creamy section of the society. Regardless of the economic status of a person, dreams are for all. With the evolution of financial markets, it has actually become possible to be able to turn our dreams into reality.

Investing in mutual funds is indeed a suitable path which will help you in your journey to achieve your long term goals and your dreams. A common advertisement on the bus stand I cross daily reads, “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!” and it indeed is true.

Mutual funds have gained an accelerating awareness amongst everyone in the recent times. They are the most transparent investment product available in the market with professionals managing your funds. These funds provide you with a potential to earn higher returns across varying time periods and also with the option to invest periodically through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). The beauty of this product is further enhanced by the compounding effect which helps you earn returns over the existing returns. This results in exponential returns to your initial investments. For our long term goals, there can be no better product than mutual funds.

Moreover, with the easy access of banking in each and every part of the country, it has become very easy for everyone to invest in mutual funds. In today’s prospering economic growth of our country, it has become possible for everyone to fulfil their dreams. Mutual funds are for all our dreams & goals. We have to stop compromising with our lives and start investing for our future. Our goals can be anything – buying a car, education planning, vacation planning, house planning etc. All we have to do is know the amount that we will require in the future to achieve our current goals and start investing into that direction with the help of our financial advisors.

Let us take the first step of investing to fulfil our goals – because, the first step is usually the toughest!


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