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Tuesday, 01 December 2020


From Fast Food Joint to Fine Dine, 17 Years of Guwahati's 4 Seasons Restaurant

Gunjan Sharma | October 20, 2020 10:47 hrs

Every year Guwahati welcomes numerous restaurants but only a handful stand the test of time. Maintaining its consistency, quality, and flavour, the ‘4 Seasons Restaurant’ has been happily serving its customers for over 17 years.   

4 Seasons started in 2003 as a joint venture by two brothers Mridul Choudhury and Mrigen Choudhury. The Choudhury brothers were looking for job prospects after completing their post-graduation. The search led them to Joydeep Bordoloi a friend who suggested them to venture into the hospitality industry. 

With the support of their family and determination to succeed, Choudhury brothers started working on their plan. Converting a part of their old Assam type house into a restaurant area they established a fast food joint with only four table sitting arrangements.  

With time, their momos and few Indian and Chinese dishes became the talk of the town; and with a pocket-friendly menu, many Guwahatians became frequent customers. The gradual increase in customer footfall made them convert another portion of their residence into a restaurant area. In no time 4 Seasons became a popular joint not just among the students but for families too. Be it for post-exam parties or birthday treats 4 Seasons was preferred by all.   

However, the limited sitting capacity continued to remain a problem as their customer base kept expanding which is why in 2015 the old structure of the restaurant was replaced by a new building.

The new building (present one) has modern, chic interiors but it continues to maintain the same taste and warmth of 4 Seasons.  

In 2018, 4 Seasons ventured into the world of fine dine and established ‘4 Season’s Fine Dine’. The restaurant was established on the first and second floor of the building while the fast-food joint continued to run on the ground floor. The restaurant serves Chinese, Indian, Continental, and Ethnic cuisines. 

In February 2020, 4 Seasons also won the Best Fast Food Joint (Single Outlet) at Guwahati Food Awards.  

Sharing his experience of visiting 4 Seasons over the years a customer said, “I visited 4 Seasons for the first time probably in 2004 or 2005. Back then it was a very small and cozy place, I guess we had momos and chowmein. We liked the service and the food it served in relation to the price. I have been there several times over the years and last visited them in March. I was pleasantly surprised that it has become such a huge entity and they have also worked on the menu. At that point in time when we visited them, it was just like any other fast food joint but now they have a fine dine restaurant and I think they have done amazingly well. And even now, they have been able to maintain the price as well as the quality of the food.” 

Speaking to G Plus, the owner of 4 Seasons Mridul Choudhury said, “Ever since the beginning our prime motto has always been ‘Customers First’. We have always aimed at serving our customers with hygienic, tasty, and delectable dishes.” 

“With COVID-19 continuing to affect us we are maintaining proper precautions at our restaurant and making sure that our customers feel comfortable while visiting or ordering in,” he added.        

Some of the must-try dishes from the elaborate menu of 4 Seasons include Pan Fried Momos, Baba Roll, Drums of Heaven, American Chopsuey, Chicken Baghdadi, Chicken Hyderabadi and Kashmiri Pulao among others. 

For those looking to visit, 4 Seasons is situated at Bhuban Road in the Uzanbazar area of Guwahati. Apart from dine-in they also deliver food online.     

What started as a small fast food joint has today grown into one of Guwahati’s most popular food joints with a fine dine restaurant and they will soon be launching a cafe too.

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  • Kaushik Hazarika

    Feeling nostalgic to read, remembering the many afternoons & evenings I spent there relishing their great food.