Guwahati Gyan | Chattrakar Devalaya

Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Guwahati Gyan | Chattrakar Devalaya

Barasha Das | July 04, 2020 17:40 hrs

Guwahati is known as a city of temples.  

Centuries-old temples or 'Devalaya' bears testimony to the rich traditions of the Ahom kings, their deep devotion towards a religion, Hinduism, to which they converted only after they came to Assam. 

One such old temple in the heart of the city is ' Chattrakar Devalaya'.

It is built on top of a hillock on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River at Uzanbazar. 

The temple was established by King Suklingphaa (1795-1810) also known as Swargadeo Kamaleswar Singha.  

As the hillock is in the shape of an umbrella, it was named Chattrakar and hence the temple, Chattrakar Devalaya.

Originally the temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Later Devi Mangalchandi's temple was also included. 

There are three domes in the temple complex for the three Gods and Goddess - Lord Vishnu at the centre, Lord Shiva to the right and Devi Mangalchandi to the left.

History recalls the establishment of the Goddess's temple as follows.

The Devi’s temple was established by the Koliabhomora Borphukan. Prior to that the Haradutta-Biradutta brothers of Rangia, Kamrup, worshipped Devi Mangalchandi and had a metal idol of the Goddess. They revolted against the Ahoms in the later part of the 18th century in the Dundiya Rebellion. When they lost, the idol was drowned in a lake to protect it from the Ahoms.

It remained forgotten in the lake for years until Kaliabhomora Borphukan's wife one day had a dream of the Goddess wherein which she was asked to re-establish the idol. So the Ahom minister fished out the idol and set it up at the Chattrakar Devalaya of Guwahati where it still remains.

The temple is now well known for its Durga Puja celebrations.


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