Guwahati's first Cinema Hall: Kamrup Cinema Company

Tuesday, 02 June 2020


Guwahati's first Cinema Hall: Kamrup Cinema Company

Barasha Das | May 02, 2020 20:45 hrs

Guwahati had its first cinema hall even before audio was introduced in feature films. The first cinema hall of the city was only for silent movies. 

It was named the 'Kamrup Cinema Company' and was established at Panbaazar near Nagkota Pukhuri. The exact location could be marked as the land near Hotel Prag Continental that earlier housed the Syndicate Bank Pan Bazar Branch (now shifted to Lakhtokia). 

The cinema hall was owned by a resident of Lakhtokia, Rafikur Rasul, a cousin of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the fifth President of India. 

The building was a large sized house, having mud flooring, and the walls were made of elephant grass (ikora) covered with mud. The hall used a 16mm projector and a 16ft x 10ft screen.

The hall had seating capacity of about 60 people.While the movie-goers with first class tickets got chairs to sit on, the rest had benches and bamboo platforms as sitting arrangements. The prices of the first class tickets were 12 annas, while the second and third class were rated at two and one anna respectively. Reportedly, Raju, the manager of the cinema hall, used to collect the ticket money and handle all operations. So it was commonly known to people as 'Rajur Cinema'.

Before the commencement of a show, a musical band (band-party) used to play. And after a long whistle, the movie would start.

However, after audible movies were made, this first cinema hall of Guwahati changed hands and was renamed Sati Talkies.

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