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Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Here’s All You Need to Know About the Best Club & Lounge in Guwahati!

Gunjan Sharma | March 14, 2020 18:04 hrs

GUWAHATI: Guwahati is fast evolving to become one of the most exciting cities as some of the best restaurants, pubs, lounges, food joints are now in town. 

That being said, Exoro is one such happening place in Guwahati which was voted the Best Club/Lounge in the city at the Guwahati Food Awards 2020.

A European themed lounge with uniquely styled seating options, good food across various cuisines and some of the best cocktails in town, Exoro has become a crowd favourite in a short span of time. 

The lounge has three types of seating. One is the terrace which gives you a beautiful view of the city, second is the sofa seating space and the third is a private room/PDR for small parties. 

In the terrace area, they have a unique set up of ‘Terrace Beds’ where you can stretch their legs and sit comfortably. 

Their boat-shaped bar is beautifully crafted to suit the ambiance and gives you a great view of the entire lounge while you enjoy your drink. 

Coming to the food, they have an extensive menu inclusive of Indian, Chinese, Pan Asian and Continental dishes. 

Their Lasagne, Chicken Tikka, Ricotta & Cottage Cheese Steak Sizzlers are among some of the must-try dishes. 

Their liquor menu has a unique range of cocktails and mocktails from around the world. Cocktails like One Night in Bangkok, Molecular Cocktails like Volcano Shots are a must-try. Keeping in mind the non-alcohol drink lovers they also have quite a range of mocktails, with Sundowner being a crowd favourite. Don’t forget to also ask for the Bartender’s Special because he whips up something completely unique each time!

Just for the information, Sundowner, is a refreshing drink made with fresh pineapples and coriander that helps you calm down after a long and stressful day. Another new addition is the Non Veg Cocktail which is made of fresh Basa Fish. They use high-quality products and fresh fruits for all their drinks and food. 

For your perfect Sunday outing, they have recently launched a Sunday special buffet lunch @ Rs. 699. The buffet includes four starters, 7 main course dishes, desserts and a complimentary glass of beer. Continuing with offers they also have happy hours on Monday-Friday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

Exoro will soon be launching Hookah too. 

Speaking to G Plus, Dishank Sharma of Exoro said, “I belong from a family of hoteliers from Arunachal Pradesh. I am happy to continue my family’s legacy here in Guwahati with Exoro. We are very happy with the response that we have received since we started. In the past three months, our footfall has crossed more than 23,000 people. We will keep trying our best to get better and serve our guests with the best food and drinks. After winning the best club/lounge at the Guwahati Food Awards(GFA) 2020 we will try our best to become the Restaurant of the Year in the next edition of GFA.”

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