How to become an Instagram Star?

Saturday, 29 February 2020


How to become an Instagram Star?

G Plus Feature | February 08, 2018 16:49 hrs

Instagram started as a social media platform for sharing memorable snapshots for its users. But soon, the platform outgrew this impression and has now become a serious content marketing, networking and audience-building tool for both individual users as well as brands.

Owing to high engagement rates, Instagram has become the new hub to gain huge popularity in lesser time. Here are some of the real-life hacks to gain followers and become popular on Instagram:

1. Upload an artful profile picture - If possible, make it a creative photo of yourself (instead of an object) so that people can put your face to the name. If you want to be famous, you should not mind putting a few personal things on Instagram.

2. Set your theme - You obviously want to stand out and not be another indie lifestyle blogger, food lover or world traveller. So, always try to stick to a certain colour pallet or photo style. Don’t copy it from someone, but think about what you love and how can you make your feed look unique.

3. Promote your dedicated hashtags - Hashtags act as blood in the veins of social media messages. They “circulate” the users’ content throughout the platform in an integrated manner. To gain followers, use and promote such hashtags to other media platforms also like website and emails.

4. Write descriptive caption - People, in a bid to gain more followers, make mistakes of using jargons in their captions. Use descriptive ones instead to bridge a connection between the visitor and your content. People love storytelling which in turn generates engagement and sharing.

5. Interact with top influencers - If you haven’t initiated it, get started right now! Interact with top influencers engaged in your own space and try every possibility to gain their trust & become their favourite people or brand. Social Media Influencers are most helpful for content, brand and name promotion.

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