Ideas to throw an Electrifying House Party this New Years Eve

Friday, 26 February 2021


Ideas to throw an electrifying house party this New Years Eve

Nehal Jain | December 29, 2017 19:40 hrs

It’s time to bid our goodbyes to the year gone by because once again, a brand new year is knocking at our doors. If venturing out in winter is not your thing, there's always a house party to organise. All it requires is organisational skills and a few of your favourite people.

Although you may feel inclined not to take the onus upon yourself and head out for dinner and drinks instead, a house party is perhaps one of the safest places to be at midnight on 31 December.

Here are some easy-peasy New Year party ideas that will help you throw an electrifying house party effortlessly:

Try Some Unique Themes

Colours such as gold and silver as a part of the decor are preferable if you want an element of glamour in your party. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a low-key affair like say, a pajama party (another popular theme), then ensure your decoration theme is in accordance to what you desire (warm, cozy and intimate).

Trick your guests into coming early

You know friends who are punctual, and then you know friends who aren’t. If you don’t have a formal invite, and it is a word-of-mouth invitation, then there’s no harm in tricking them into believing that the party starts a little earlier than the intended time. This way you can expect them to land up at the desired time. Simple.

Throw in some interesting games

One major requirement at a party is to give your guests ample things to do besides socializing and small talk. And adding games is the perfect way to break out of those forced conversations that people tend to undertake because there’s nothing else to do. So keep your friends entertained and occupied throughout the night by introducing games such as beer pong, jenga, a deck of cards, or even karaoke in your New Year party itinerary.

Your New Year playlist matters

You can hire a DJ, but what’s even better is to have a friend volunteer to curate that playlist and keep the party going. Music is one of the most important elements that make or break a party and it requires someone to take control. If you yourself are planning to take up the responsibility, then throw in some classics and jazz into the pop and electronic centric playlist.

Your food and drinks menu should be on point

When people go to parties, they’re expecting to be well fed from start to end. From starters and appetizers to a main course meal, make sure you’ve got that arranged beforehand because a New Year’s Eve party usually tends to carry on until wee hours of the morning.

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