Manage domestic harmony with vaastu

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Manage domestic harmony with vaastu

G Plus News | October 03, 2018 18:22 hrs

Vaastu plays a vital role in maintaining relationships. Both sides of the main door and windows should not be damaged. Similarly, the plastering around them should also not be broken. This affects the ladies and hence they should be repaired immediately.

The parapet walls should not be broken which invites contempt from the Government and danger of falsely implicated cases. A smaller front door and a bigger rear door are also cause of tensions for family members.

If there is no plastering on the walls of the kitchen or bedrooms, there will be less love among the family members. The floor near the main door should not be broken and no dirt should be allowed to accumulate near it. This creates tension for owner.

There should not be black paint on the main door. This causes quarrels and even murder in the family at times. An obstruction in front of the main door inside the house while entering the house makes the owner cruel, greedy and arrogant.

Sword or knives etc. should not be hung on doors because they impart anger and bad motives. In fact, they should not point to anyone, even towards the gas stove in the kitchen as they send poison arrows (negative energy rays).

The guest room should not be next to the kitchen because it may create misunderstanding between the husband and the wife! A wash basin in the bedroom makes the couple suspicious of each other!

Old, second hand doors, windows, grills etc. should not be used in newly-constructed buildings because they may create tensions for the owner. Thorny and prickly plants should be avoided in the compound.

Windows should always be opened in the morning to allow sunlight and fresh air to come in otherwise the children may face troubles. 

Some tips on business and money

Crystals can produce effects of rainbows when sunlight falls and passes through them. So it is very beneficial to hang crystals near the window which gets direct sunlight in the morning. Feng shui says it is excellent to hang crystals near a window refracting sunlight for career growth. 

Decorative boulders or curved pathways or pebbles increase the movement of financial energy.

So when the business is not going smoothly, place these around the business premises. 

Windows, glass and crystal items should be always kept clean and spotless. Dirty glass restricts the flow of money in business. Clear glass products will reflect clarity in finances. No cracked glass should be there. Some people fix broken glass for decorative purposes on doors or walls. This is to be avoided strictly.

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