Mockumentary from Assam wins at Film Festivals across the globe

Thursday, 27 February 2020


Mockumentary from Assam wins at Film Festivals across the globe

G Plus News | December 18, 2018 22:01 hrs

GUWAHATI: Satyakam Dutta’s ‘Finding Beauty in Garbage’ is a 7-minute long mockumentary that is winning praise across many film festivals in the world. It is a satirical take on the horrors of garbage disposal in our society and how that has beautified the city of Dibrugarh, (the filmmaker’s city) and cities in the state in general. 

Dutta said that it took him one and a half years to make the 7-minute long film but the hard work has paid off as the film has won many accolades. The film won ‘Best Short Documentary’ in the Asia South East Short Film Festival at Phnom Penh in Cambodia. It has also been selected for official screenings at the Short and Sweet Film Festival in Utah, USA, Ooty Film Festival and Bengals International Film Festival. 

This movie was a first time attempt for Dutta and most of his team. However, he said he had the support of some veterans including, Partha Bhuyan and Chandan Kakoty, who run Rumanthan-A Tryst against Time and Chanimation Films. Mayuraj Borah, Rajkumar Thakuriya and Subir Kejriwal also assisted the filmmaker at various stages. Rituparna Bora helped him with the posters and graphics. 

Dutta said that his main attempt by making this film was to bring about awareness regarding how we should treat garbage waste. He said it was an attempt for his side to let the municipality know that they are somewhat lacking in their efforts to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene levels in the city. 

“For me, I think the biggest achievement would be to actually see some change in my city. To know that my film is making an impact and bringing about the necessary change,” said Dutta, speaking to G Plus. 

Based on popular demand, Dutta will release the film on YouTube on 1 January’ 2019.

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