New Infection Control Measures Designed & Developed by Apollo Hospitals Guwahati

Thursday, 24 September 2020


New Infection Control Measures Designed & Developed by Apollo Hospitals Guwahati

G Plus News | May 24, 2020 17:05 hrs

GUWAHATI: Apollo Hospitals Guwahati is committed for the safety of all its patients and healthcare workers including the doctors from all sorts of infections. Due to on going COVID-19 pandemic it is a pressing need to have all possible safety measures against the infection of Coronavirus.
Team of Biomedical Engineers of Apollo Hospitals Guwahati has come up with some unique designs of UV Sterilization Box to disinfect daily utility objects of hospital. Also, they have developed Aerosol Acrylic boxes under the guidance of our doctors to be used at ICU and during OT which keep the surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals safe from the infected aerosol coming out from patient mouth. 

In the UV chambers for sterilization, UVGI disinfection method has been used to kill or inactivate the microorganisms and pathogens. Items like stethoscopes, protective glasses, medical equipment accessories, mobile phones, wallets, cash, patient's documents, face shields etc. can be kept for a pre decided period to sterilize using these chambers.
Aerosol acrylic boxes - can be used as a personal protective device mainly to protect the surgeons and doctors from the risk of transmission of COVID 19 pandemic. With the help of these boxes, clinicians can be protected during intubation without access to the personal standard PPE in the ICU and OT. 

Making a new thinking and designing of these two safety measures by Apollo Hospitals Guwahati is greatly helping in maintaining hygiene so that we all can be safe in this pandemic. 

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