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Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Professional Dog Training Services Now in Guwahati

Gunjan Sharma | January 08, 2021 16:25 hrs

Dogs are considered to be one of the most loving animals - a man’s best friend. Having watched several dog-centric films and television shows one might wonder how amazing it would be to have a dog. But often it is seen that new dog parents are confused and frustrated with their dog’s behaviour. 

Some dog parents even get discouraged when they realize that not all dogs are naturally well behaved as shown in films or on TV. 

Dogs - just like human child - need love, patience and guidance to shape them into behaving well. Like schools for children, dogs are sent to dog training institutes to help them develop basic skills and habits.  

Guwahati’s K9 Academy is one such institute that has been training dogs since 2017.  K9 Academy has trained more than 400 dogs from all over the North East. They provide a full plan for new dog parents outlining the strategies that are most appropriate for their dog and family.

K9 Academy provides three major dog training courses: Basic Obedience Training, Advanced Obedience and Protection Training. 

Apart from training dogs they also offer dog services like security dog services, trained dogs for sale, sniffer dogs for rent, dogs for movies and therapy dogs among others. They also train pets for dog shows. 

One can hire their security dogs to protect their area, industry, events or even for personal protection. They also have trained dogs for security, companions and blind/disabled people. Their specially trained dogs can be hired for film or television programs as well. 

K9 Academy’s special therapy dogs will help you get over hard moments in life. 

Apart from training dogs they also train people to be dog trainers. 

Speaking to G Plus, Founder and Chief Instructor of K9 Academy Abhishek Paul Chowdhury said, “I believe that there are no un-trainable dogs, they just require the right kind of treatment. Over the years we have trained more than 400 dogs across the northeast. I am very proud of the work we have been doing in a completely scientific way with zero abuse and we pledge to continue doing the same.”

Apart from dog training services, K9 Academy started aggression rehabilitation services in 2019. They are of the view that many owners abandon their dogs due to their aggressive nature and they want to work on helping such dogs. So far they have rehabilitated more than 15 dogs. 

If you’re a new dog parent or you require trained dogs, reach out to K9 Academy on 70023 42656. For details, check out their website:

K9 Academy’s sister company Paws Aid provides all-round dog services. From grooming, pet training, pet boarding, pet food, pet accessories and veterinary clinic they have it all. You can reach Paws Aid at 60029 93313.

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