Significance of directions and planets in Durga Puja

Friday, 06 December 2019


Significance of directions and planets in Durga Puja

G Plus News | October 16, 2018 15:25 hrs

It is extremely beneficial to worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga during this Navratri. The nine deities rule different directions which are governed by certain planets. So when these goddesses are worshipped, the malefic effects of the nine planets are nullified and as a result, the vaastu defects of those directions are rectified.

By worshipping Devi Shailputri, the sun is pacified which rules the East.

By worshipping Devi Brahmacharini, the Planet Saturn is pleased which rules the West.

By worshipping Devi Chandraghanta, you will be able to pacify Planet Moon, the ruler of the Northwest.

By worshipping Devi Kushmanda, the Planet Jupiter is pleased which rules the Northeast.

By worshipping Devi Skandamata, the ruler of the South, Planet Mars is pacified.

By worshipping Devi Katyayani, the Planet Venus is pacified at Southeast.

By worshipping Devi Kalratri, the Southwest is rectified by pleasing Planet Rahu

By worshipping Devi Maha Gauri, ruler of the North Planet Mercury is pleased.

By worshipping Devi Siddhi Datri, malefic effects of Planet Ketu at Northeast occurs.

The following idols of Durga should be immersed in flowing water to get rid of various problems. Idols of different substances have different significances.

  1. Immerse gold-coated Durga idol in the river to calm down Jupiter and Mercury.
  2. Immerse Silver idol of Durga to pacify Moon and Venus.
  3. Immerse earthen idol of Durga to solve the adverse effect of Mars.
  4. The iron idol should be immersed to negate the bad effects of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
  5. The Durga mantra to please all these planets is: “Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah”

Tip: Navratri is the best time to install the Sriyantra and the Durga Beej Yantra

Few Do’s and Don’ts during Navratri

  1. As Goddess Durga represents all the women on earth, special respect must be paid to the ladies. Goddess Lakshmi does not like them who do not treat women properly and Goddess Bhagawati gets displeased.
  2. Both males and females should practice Brahmacharya during Navratri and abstain from non vegetarian food and sex.
  3. Do not leave the house vacant after establishing the ceremonial earth pot (Ghot) for puja till the ninth day.
  4. Do not sleep during daytime in Navratri
  5. One should refrain from altercations and fights in these nine days of Navratri. The Devi refuses to enter a house which is having an unruly atmosphere.
  6. As these nine days are very auspicious, do not waste them by sleeping late. Get up early and worship Mata Devi to reap maximum benefits.
  7. It is advised to give up even onions and garlic during Navratri let alone non-vegetarian!
  8. It is said that Goddess Durga may come in any form during Navratri. So do not refuse and guests or beggars without food or water. Even birds and animals should be offered food.
  9. Avoid haircuts during Navratri.
  10. Do not wear black and leather dresses/shoes/belts.
  11. In India, a lot of tantrik methods and black magic are practiced during Navratri. The practitioners get extra power and boost in this period. So, do not accept any food or gifts from unknown people during these nine days. Warn other people also from doing it.
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