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Friday, 05 June 2020


Skin and Hair Care for Holi

Sohini Chakraborty Chatterjee | March 07, 2020 14:32 hrs

GUWAHATI: Holi is the festival of colour, festival of spring and festival of fun. But no one likes skin or hair problems during Holi. To optimise our fun quotient and to enjoy this festival fully here’s what you can do.

Before Holi

To be prepared for Holi and to prevent any skin or hair damage we must follow these:

-Before going to play holi, we must apply coconut oil or olive oil all over our face, so that the colour particles may not enter our skin and block our pores.

-As we play holi in scorching sunlight, we must guard our skin with sunscreen in advance.

-When harmful chemicals come in contact with our hair it gets affected too, so we must make sure to our hair to keep protected. One can wrap a scarf over head to cover it fully. Roots of hair must be safe.

After Holi

-While cleaning our face we must not rub our face roughly as it may cause harm to our skin.

-We may use normal face cleanser, and after cleaning we must moisturize our skin.

-We may wash our hair with luke warm water, but not with extremely hot water.

-We must not rub our hair vigorously as this may cause hair loss from the root.Instead we must use mild shampoo and conditioner gentlely to wash our hair properly. 

-Use of herbal, organic colour is preferred much more than harmful chemical colours. 

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